Memory Laws: Censorship in Ukraine

David R. Marples • Jul 5 2020 • Articles
Ukraine had about 5000 Lenin statues placed during the former Soviet Union. Their removal seemed logical and natural: after all, what was Lenin to Ukraine?

Interview – Adrian Monck

E-International Relations • Jul 4 2019 • Features
Head of Communications and Media at the World Economic Forum, Adrian Monck, discusses his role, fake news, the media and trust, and he responds to critiques of the forum.

Review – Media, Propaganda and the Politics of Intervention

Greg Simons • Jun 7 2019 • Features
Zollman's book provides a well-supported analysis of the nature and significance of media, propaganda and intervention using six key events reported in three countries.

The Theatre of Politics: Politics as Oscar Broadway

Patricia J. Sohn • Nov 2 2018 • Articles
Politics is compared to theatre due to the growing trend of passion play; a trend which is argued does not contribute positively to coexistence or commonality.

Defining Post-truth: Structures, Agents, and Styles

Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen • Oct 22 2018 • Articles
Factual truth has a limited but indispensable role to play in pluralistic politics, comparable to material environment that both enables and limits democratic debate.

From Narratives to Perceptions in the Securitisation of the Migratory Crisis in Europe

Susana Ferreira • Sep 3 2018 • Articles
The current migratory crisis has highlighted the handicaps of the EU's common immigration, border and asylum policies and their growing securitisation.

Did RT Influence the 2016 US Elections?

Rhys Crilley • Nov 21 2017 • Articles
Rather than forcing RT to register as a foreign agent, efforts should be spent on making RT clarify any opaque business and editorial structures.

Fatal Distraction: Maintaining Proper Focus in Chaos

Jason Schultz • Sep 14 2017 • Articles
Will the US be able to effectively focus its efforts and convince the world that its policies and strategies are correct despite the distraction of the latest headlines?

Brexit, ‘the Media’ and the Illusive Nature of Euroscepticism

Patrick Bijsmans • Dec 14 2016 • Articles
Stereotypes commonly occurring in the British press go at the expense of people’s opportunities to inform themselves about the EU.

Knowing War: Moving Images and the Politics of Erasure in the Post 9/11 World

Christina Hellmich and Lisa Purse • Sep 30 2016 • Articles
Recent films, productions and research have played a role in creating the post 9/11 world and its imaging in the media.

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