Interview – Robert J. Bunker

E-International Relations • May 20 2016 • Features

Robert J. Bunker discusses the greatest lessons learned from counterinsurgency, forms of insurgencies, and what is being done to counter Latin American cartels and gangs.

Review – MIKTA, Middle Powers, and New Dynamics of Global Governance

Hakan Mehmetcik • Dec 9 2015 • Features

By being one of the few scholarly texts to focus on the MIKTA, Jongryn’s edited volume is a substantial contribution to global governance literature.

Chapo ‘El Bandito’ Alger

Melixa Abad Izquierdo • Sep 2 2015 • Articles

If we come to see the drug epidemic as the health issue it is, el Chapo may become a genuine pop-cultural icon for the masses, not just a hackneyed Mexican ‘Robin Hood’.

Review – Land and Freedom

John Gledhill • Jul 30 2015 • Features

An excellent piece of comparative scholarship that pulls no critical punches when it comes to addressing the contradictions which underlie these rural movements.

The Forgotten Story of ‘Me Llamo Martina Sola’

Melixa Abad Izquierdo • Apr 15 2015 • Articles

Outside of Latin America telenovelas are perceived as a generic product. But each country possesses a unique form of telenovela, identifiable by its stylistic attributes.

NAFTA’s Future and Regional Security Cooperation

Richard W. Coughlin • Mar 7 2015 • Articles

The ultimate fate of NAFTA might be that the forces it has unleashed – mass migrations and transnational organized crime – are too powerful and destabilizing to contain.

The Developing World’s Tragic Engagement with Microcredit

Milford Bateman • Oct 20 2014 • Articles

The microcredit model has tragically failed. Governments now need to establish community-based financial institutions that can promote sustainable pro-poor development.

New Media and Latin American Violent Movements

W. Alejandro Sánchez and Kelly Morrison • Jul 2 2014 • Articles

Social media have enabled Latin American violent movements to share their stories, whether this be the nobility of their causes or the extravagance of their lifestyles.

How to End Mexico’s Drug War

Mabel González Bustelo • Jan 21 2014 • Articles

Mexico cannot afford to address its drug war with failed strategies. There is no alternative to state building. But this is a long term challenge which requires resources and high levels of political will.

Review – Mexican Cartel Essays and Notes

James Phelps • Sep 16 2013 • Features

Bunker’s anthology deftly illustrates the diverse economic interests of Mexico’s cartels, and the role these groups continue to play in destabilizing the societies and governments of infiltrated nation-states.

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