Opinion – Covid-19 in Colombia: Migration, Armed Conflict and Gendered Violence

Priscyll Anctil Avoine • Jun 10 2020 • Articles
As violence is part of daily reality in several countries, the pandemic and political and economic measures should be approached differently.

Call for Papers – Dignity in Movement: Borders, Bodies and Rights

Jasmin Lilian Diab • May 15 2020 • Articles
A new edited book will seek to explore developments across the Migration sphere – including law, global health, border management, illegal migration and intersectional experiences.

Writing About Displaced People in the Time of Coronavirus

Phil Cole • May 14 2020 • Articles
The pandemic is simply exposing the ongoing precarity of the displaced rather than disrupting their ‘normal’ lives, and so there is much to learn about what international protection should look like.

The Global Compact on Refugees and Latin America

Refugee protection might be enhanced in Latin America, but perhaps inspirations can also arise to be replicated globally in improving the chances of success of the GCR.

Review – The Another Europe Podcast

Alexandra Bulat • Nov 29 2019 • Features
This ongoing podcast from the Another Europe Is Possible campaign organisation debates controversial topics such as Brexit and freedom of movement in an inclusive style.

The Cartagena Declaration at 35 and Refugee Protection in Latin America

If refugees are not being adequately protected it is more a result of lack of political will and of political choices than a lack of regimes of humanitarian action.

Interview – Sarah Wolff

E-International Relations • Nov 17 2019 • Features
Sarah Wolff discusses her research on the role of secularism and religion in EU foreign policy, EU migration policy, and the links between academia and policy-making.

Migration Governance: Between Skills Needs and Social Constraints

Reem Alshamsi • Nov 6 2019 • Articles
The UAE needs a new migration governance framework as the present policy leads to an increased gap between shifting the economy and labour market productivity.

Asylum Paradiplomacy: Putting Cities on the Map of Migration Policymaking

Paula Pimenta • Nov 5 2019 • Articles
By behaving as actors in the international arena, subnational units have been able to establish a new route to tackle challenges concerning integration of refugees.

Review – From Righteousness to Far Right

Alvina Hoffmann • Aug 29 2019 • Features
Mc Cluskey proposes an anthropological rethinking of critical security studies by focusing on the response of a small Swedish village to 100 resettled Syrian refugees.

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