Interview – Gurminder K. Bhambra

E-International Relations • Aug 5 2021 • Features

Gurminder K. Bhambra discusses her interdisciplinary approach, colonialism and modern social theory, Britain as an empire, and decolonising education.

European Union Readmission Agreements: Deportation as a Gateway to Displacement?

Manuela da Rosa Jorge • Jul 5 2021 • Articles

Despite using terms such as ‘return’, ‘removal’, and ‘readmission,’ the EU subjugates individuals by enforcing them to another re-displacement through deportation.

The Implementation of Mexico’s Refugee, Complementary Protection and Political Asylum Law

Guadalupe Chavez and Alexander Voisine • Jul 5 2021 • Articles

The US has conditioned Mexico’s refugee policy to the extent that it scarcely reflects the law.

Assessing the Responsibility of EU Officials for Crimes Against Migrants in Libya

Pat Rubio Bertran • Jul 2 2021 • Articles

There is a need to assess the implications of the EU’s collaboration with Libya, not as an international organization but as an individual agent.

Gendered Border Practices and Violence at the United States-Mexico Border

Mitxy Meneses Gutierrez • Jul 2 2021 • Articles

Aggressive gendered border practices and violence have been part of the construction of the US-Mexico border as women’s bodies and sexual identity shape today’s border policies.

The Internal Displacement of People in South Sudan

Kensiya Kennedy and Keshav Basotia • Jun 29 2021 • Articles

In a volatile and ethnically diverse community, like that of South Sudan, a strong leader motivated in the wrong way could tip the scales at any moment to restart the violence.

Nineteenth Century Migration Trends and the Role of Women

Kendra Morancy • Jun 28 2021 • Articles

Trends in migration concerning women are driven by the same factors. These include poverty, social transformations, gender inequalities, and policy changes.

Unaccompanied Children on the Move: From Central America to the US via Mexico

Monica Trigos Padilla • Jun 27 2021 • Articles

The social, economic and political environment that surrounds unaccompanied minors determines their decision to look for a better future far from their home.

Migration Management and Safe Migration along the Indonesia-Malaysia Corridor

Oanh K. Nguyen • Jun 26 2021 • Articles

Malaysia and Indonesia have worked to create institutions and mechanisms aimed at ensuring that foreign workers travel through safe, regular channels for migration.

Recognition and Protection of Environmental Migrants in International Law

Chiara Scissa • Jun 24 2021 • Articles

Several UN arrangements explicitly recognize environmental migration, but lack of binding force. Conversely, binding instruments are too weakly implemented.

The Sense of Home and Belonging: Northern Sri Lankan Tamils in Colombo

Diotima Chattoraj • Jun 23 2021 • Articles

It is not only a material challenge to remake one’s former home, but also about how to deal with painful memories of violence attached to those places.

Transnational Governance as a Framework for Migration Control

Alma Stankovic • Jun 23 2021 • Articles

Core countries, those receiving immigrants, tend to be the ones setting the rules not just when it comes to their own immigration laws, but also laws and policies affecting their neighbors.

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