‘No More Morias’: How the World’s Worst Refugee Camp Was Destined to Fail

Henrik Kjellmo Larsen and Eleanor Gordon • Dec 4 2020 • Articles

Rather than acting as a deterrent, Moria drastically affected the security, health and well-being of its residents.

Opinion – A New Pact on Migration and Asylum in Europe

Monika Kabata • Oct 9 2020 • Articles

As the European Union deliberates, migration to Europe won’t stop. The member states, sooner or later, will have to agree on the direction of migration policy.

Women, Peace and Security after Europe’s ‘Refugee Crisis’

Audrey Reeves and Aiko Holvikivi • Sep 28 2020 • Articles

Personal accounts deepen our understanding of the radical interconnectedness of violence against conflict-affected women taking place in both the North and the South, particularly along racial divides.

Achieving Just Migration Regimes Through Socialist Praxis

Raia Apostolova • Sep 22 2020 • Articles

To have just migration regimes, we need to revisit philosophies whose political primacy is rooted in the ideas of equality, internationalism and anti-racism.

Regional Responses to Venezuela’s Mass Population Displacement

Luisa Feline Freier and Soledad Castillo Jara • Sep 16 2020 • Articles

As migration has intensified, more restrictive policies have developed in Ecuador and Peru – while Colombia has maintained a relatively open approach.

State-Building, Sovereignty and Migration Management in the Global South

Fiona B. Adamson and Gerasimos Tsourapas • Jul 22 2020 • Articles

State migration policy has a long history of being used as a means of creating or preserving a particular (often racialized) form of national identity.

Opinion – Covid-19 in Colombia: Migration, Armed Conflict and Gendered Violence

Priscyll Anctil Avoine • Jun 10 2020 • Articles

As violence is part of daily reality in several countries, the pandemic and political and economic measures should be approached differently.

Call for Papers – Dignity in Movement: Borders, Bodies and Rights

Jasmin Lilian Diab • May 15 2020 • Articles

A new edited book will seek to explore developments across the Migration sphere – including law, global health, border management, illegal migration and intersectional experiences.

Writing About Displaced People in the Time of Coronavirus

Phil Cole • May 14 2020 • Articles

The pandemic is simply exposing the ongoing precarity of the displaced rather than disrupting their ‘normal’ lives, and so there is much to learn about what international protection should look like.

The Global Compact on Refugees and Latin America

Refugee protection might be enhanced in Latin America, but perhaps inspirations can also arise to be replicated globally in improving the chances of success of the GCR.

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