Africa’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism? Same Problems, Different Locations

Robert L. Ostergard, Jr. • Jun 26 2020 • Articles
The virus is hitting African states head-on, but disproportionately, providing lessons for other states about pandemic response – both positive and negative.

Self-Determination as Resistance: Sahrawi and Palestinian Struggle for the UN

Moara Assis Crivelente • Mar 19 2020 • Articles
Officials and activists interviewed from both Palestine and Western Sahara affirm that despite their commitment to diplomacy, self-determination is non-negotiable.

EU-Morocco Negotiations on Migrations and the Decentring Agenda in EU Studies

Nora El Qadim • Jun 24 2017 • Articles
Negotiations on migration are the locus of asymmetrical contestation between people and their free movement; an asymmetry that is constantly questioned and/or redefined.

Fortress Europe? Porous Borders and EU Dependence on Neighbour Countries

Jonathan Zaragoza-Cristiani • Jan 2 2016 • Articles
EU borders cannot be understood without understanding the relations with its neighbours and the stability in its borderlands. The image of Fortress Europe is too naïve.

Islamic Governance Theory in Moroccan Islamist Discourse

Juan A. Macias-Amoretti • Dec 15 2014 • Articles
The use of Islamic concepts as the ‘imamate’ and the ‘caliphate’ by main Moroccan Islamist actors in their discourse are linked to a concrete model of Islamic government.

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