Is Trump the New Multicultural Internationalist?

Patricia J. Sohn • Jul 21 2017 • Articles

It is time for the Democrats to look at themselves in the mirror. Vanity, thy name is corruption. 

Multiculturalism at the Crossroads: Learning Beyond the West

Marc Woons • Jun 27 2017 • Articles

The goal of multiculturism is to improve on peace, tolerance, and respect across differences whether small or great no matter where one begins or where one is going.

Pacifism, Just War and Civil Liberties in a Multicultural Age

Patricia J. Sohn • Nov 11 2016 • Articles

I will not fight for my rights, my freedoms or for my place in the political process. All of these are granted either by birth as a human being, or by citizenship.

Review – Holy Ignorance: When Religion and Culture Part Ways

Iqbal Akhtar • Jul 31 2016 • Features

With philosophically rigourous analysis, Roy goes beyond the well-trod tropes of ‘radical Islam’ and pushes us to think outside of a ‘clash of civilizations’ paradigm.

Review – European Multiculturalisms

Elise Rietveld • Apr 6 2013 • Features

Some political heavyweights have proclaimed that multiculturalism has failed. However, this edited collection argues that it remains the best way to conceptualise citizenship in Europe.

Conservative Euroscepticism: The Etiology of an Obsession

Tim Bale • Nov 15 2012 • Articles

Conflict between those Conservatives who will push things to the limit but then pull back, and those for whom no such limit now exists could destroy, or disable, the Party.

The Democratic Contradictions of Multiculturalism

Jens-Martin Eriksen and Frederik Stjernfelt • Mar 22 2012 • Articles

Some theories of multiculturalism sell out democratic principles. ‘Culture’ has been turned into a political ideology that overrules democratic principles and human rights.

The Failure of British Multiculturalism and the Virtue of Reciprocity

Afshin Shahi • Dec 9 2010 • Articles

The existing perception and enforcement of multiculturalism is hindering social integration in Britain. The slow process of social integration, which is caused by some multicultural policies, is intensifying the fragmentation of British society, thereby jeopardising the future of diversity in Britain. Multiculturalism promised to bring social inclusion, but has failed and is becoming a justification for exclusion

Hostages of Culturalism

Milan Vukomanovic • Jun 10 2010 • Articles

What is multiculturalism? Is it a concept that is often uncritically used in the contemporary ‘civic’ and academic discourse, whereby those who employ it rarely feel the need to define it? Is it the state of affairs in some countries, the fact that several cultures coexist there, or perhaps some ideal that is still to be reached, something that implies political and social changes in a society? What if three cultures on the same territory promote cultural dogmas which are mutually irreconcilable?

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