Norway-US Defence Relations in Historical Naval Perspective

Timothy Choi • Mar 8 2018 • Articles

Caught between a resurgent Russia and a Trump presidency, how has Norway navigated its trans-Atlantic security relationship?

Interview – Wojciech Lorenz

E-International Relations • Jan 29 2018 • Features

Wojciech Lorenz discusses the effect of the election of Donald Trump and events in Turkey on NATO, potential NATO enlargement and Poland’s current security situation.

Gender Matters: Mainstreaming Women, Peace and Security at NATO

Katharine Wright • Nov 17 2017 • Articles

The aim must be to transform practice through better representing women’s agency, rather than reinforcing regressive gendered logics.

Humanitarian Interventionism Is Dead, Long Live Humanitarian Interventionism

Robert Mason • Nov 3 2017 • Articles

The consequences of poorly implemented measures can be dire so it’s not just a Responsibility to Protect but a Responsibility to Implement Effective Policy.

Interview – Solomon Passy

E-International Relations • Oct 19 2017 • Features

Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria, Solomon Passy, talks about the future of NATO, Bulgaria’s role in the alliance and its upcoming Presidency of the European Council.

Interview – Lyubomir Kyuchukov

E-International Relations • Sep 28 2017 • Features

Lyubomir Kyuchoukov discusses the partnership agreement between Bulgaria and Macedonia, EU policy in the Western Balkans and Macedonia’s attempts to join the EU and NATO.

Protecting Europe: We Really Mean it

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Feb 27 2017 • Articles

Once a year or so, the US will complain about how little our allies do. Don’t worry. It is just ritualistic behavior expected of the incumbent and carries no weight back here.

EU-NATO Relations in the Era of Trump and of the European Defence Union

Luigi Lonardo • Feb 17 2017 • Articles

With President Trump, the Warsaw declaration is now more important as it delivers quite clearly what were the hopes and fears of the Obama administration and of the EU.

A World Full of Free Riders?

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Feb 1 2017 • Articles

In some American eyes, most recently in the Trump administration, the rich nations of the world appear to find excuses to do little for global security or even their own defense.

European Defence Post-Brexit and ‘EU-NATO Cooperation’: What Level of Ambition?

Jolyon Howorth • Jan 11 2017 • Articles

If it wishes to stabilise its neighbourhood, the EU has no alternative but to develop its capacity to the fullest extent and to become a ‘strategically autonomous’ actor

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