Adding Fuel to the Fire? American Security Cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Barbara Salera • May 19 2022 • Articles

There is inherent danger in building partner capacity without first ensuring that there is a strong foundation of military professionalism.

Review – Power Politics in Africa

Adeleke Olumide Ogunnoiki • Oct 26 2021 • Features

By considering the hegemonic rivalry of Nigeria and South Africa, including their hard and soft power capabilities, this edited volume provides a much needed contribution to African perspectives on IR.

Opinion — Nigeria-China Relations: Sovereignty and Debt-Trap Diplomacy

Samuel Akpobome Orovwuje • Aug 24 2020 • Articles

The existential relations between Nigeria and China have been driven largely by an infrastructure-led investment strategy rooted in Nigeria’s development agenda.

Iterability and Newsweek’s Paradigm of Nigeria as ‘Black China’

Adagbo Onoja • Jul 20 2020 • Articles

A storyline proclaiming social transformation on the scale of contemporary China projects a positive trajectory for Nigeria, yet this idea is worth a closer reading.

Africa’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism? Same Problems, Different Locations

Robert L. Ostergard, Jr. • Jun 26 2020 • Articles

The virus is hitting African states head-on, but disproportionately, providing lessons for other states about pandemic response – both positive and negative.

Nigeria’s Soft Power in the Face of COVID-19

Fidel Abowei • Jun 22 2020 • Articles

Despite the fragility of its institutions, Nigeria stands to make the best of a bad situation by projecting an image of a country addressing its deficits.

Lake Chad: A Climate of Fragility

Any future interventions in and around Lake Chad will have to be mindful of its particular climate-fragility and these trends that are likely to shape its future.

African Diplomacy and the Development of Self-Awareness

Stephen Chan • Nov 8 2017 • Articles

African diplomacy has not only come of age, but brings something new of benefit to the continent and possibly to the wider world.

Review – Boko Haram

Hussein Solomon • Jan 3 2016 • Features

This well-informed book explains the colonial legacy that shaped Boko Haram’s historical rise, what divides North and South Nigeria and Boko Haram’s impact on Africa.

Nigeria’s Rebased Economy and Its Role in Regional and Global Politics

Victor A. O. Adetula • Oct 13 2014 • Articles

Nigeria’s influence is gradually growing due to its rising economy, but its status and role in regional and global politics is not likely to experience rapid growth.

Inoculating against Politics

Laura Routley • Aug 5 2014 • Articles

Development agencies have started to engage more with the political nature of development. However the nature of politics is that what is ‘right’ is always contestable.

Review – Militancy and Violence in West Africa

Carl LeVan • May 2 2014 • Features

This tome convincingly shows how we must see violent extremism as a political and social phenomenon whose religious and regional variations are easily misunderstood.

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