North Korea

Does North Korea Want to Be Attacked?

Francis Grice • Jul 9 2017 • Articles
As the Trump administration considers North Korea’s recent belligerence, it should bear in mind that launching limited strikes might be exactly what Kim Jong-un wants.

Interview – Benjamin Habib

E-International Relations • Jun 16 2017 • Features
Dr. Habib talks about the meaning of the Paris Agreement, environmental politics in North Korea, and the problems with sovereignty in a static territorial system.

South Korea’s New President: Into Rough Foreign Policy Waters

Max Nurnus • May 31 2017 • Articles
The government of Moon Jae-in faces a number of foreign policy challenges; he may ride a wave of popular support at home – but will have to deal with rougher waters.

Winning Hostilities Without War: United States-North Korea Machinations

Strobe Driver • May 30 2017 • Articles
Despite the threats of Kim Jong-Un to destabilize the region, the US and North Korea are both intent on winning the hostilities without going to war.

How to Convince Kim Jong Un to Denuclearize North Korea

Dan G. Cox and Bruce Stanley • May 16 2017 • Articles
The time for negotiation between the US, China and North Korea is now. Let us just hope a cloistered and paranoid Kim Jong Un is willing to come out of his shell.

Xi and the North Korea Challenge in the Trump Era

Zhiqun Zhu • Mar 26 2017 • Articles
The United States and China must jointly address the North Korea challenge, based on the consensus that North Korea is a common security threat and peace is possible.

Student Feature – Spotlight on the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

Stephen McGlinchey • Aug 10 2016 • Student Features
Due to decades of diplomacy, non-proliferation is one of the norms underpinning our international system and we have come a long way from the dark days of 1945.

Sanctioning the DPRK? This Time It’s All about Implementation Not Design

Catherine Jones • Mar 14 2016 • Articles
There are reasons to doubt whether extended sanctions against North Korea will produce the outcomes that key players want to achieve

International Monitoring of North Korea’s 2016 Nuclear Test

Arun Vishwanathan • Feb 5 2016 • Articles
Sanctioning the North Korean economy and its leadership seems to be the best possible short-term option available to the international community to curb its nuclear proliferation.

Review – North Korea and Northeast Asian Regional Security

Benjamin Habib • Mar 24 2015 • Features
Shen's edited book presents a good collection of regional perspectives on the security problems posed by a nuclear North Korea during the late-Kim Jong Il period.

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