The United States’ “Withdrawal” from the Iran Nuclear Deal

Daniel H. Joyner • Aug 21 2018 • Articles

The Iran nuclear deal is a novel solution to a problem in international relations with the potential to lead to war. The US had no basis for its decision to abandon it.

An International Relations Perspective on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Martin Beck • Aug 8 2018 • Articles

The deal problematically upheld the image of Iran going nuclear as a horror scenario to be prevented, cementing the securitization of Iran’s case without re-politicizing Israel’s nuclear status.

Iran: New Year, Same Old Problems

Stephen McGlinchey • Mar 23 2014 • Articles

As Iranians celebrate Nowruz, their New Year, they wake up to the same old problems. A truly new Iranian year would be one without the Clerical Regime.

A Bridge Too Far? Elements of a Permanent Nuclear Deal with Iran

Zachary K. Goldman • Dec 9 2013 • Articles

There are still significant technical and political obstacles to overcome with the the P5+1-Iran nuclear agreement. Thus, conclusive evaluations will need to wait for some time to come.

Why Can’t Iran and the US Just Get Along?

Zachary Keck • Feb 27 2013 • Articles

A U.S.-Iran rapprochement, though unlikely, could reduce Israeli-Iranian tensions and even potentially see Iran become a positive force in negotiations over a two-state solution.

Israel and the United States: Facing Dramatic Decisions

Zaki Shalom • Aug 1 2012 • Articles

The Obama administration must understand that an Israeli military operation against Iran is liable to drag the United States into the battlefield against its will.

U.S. Sanctions and the Nuclear Endgame in Iran

Kelsey Davenport • Jul 24 2012 • Articles

The new sanctions on Iran are having a greater impact than prior efforts. To halt Iran’s enrichment, the U.S. and the P5+1 must now offer sanctions relief in return for nuclear concessions.

Iran’s Response to Sanctions

Zachary Keck • Jul 10 2012 • Articles

Iran’s response to U.S. and EU sanctions demonstrates its increasing desperation, but the West lacks a plan for translating its current advantage into Iranian concessions on its nuclear program.

Perceptions of the Other: Iran’s National Identity and Nuclear Policy

Gianna Gayle Amul • Jun 14 2012 • Articles

Iranian leaders’ different national identity conceptions provide insights into Tehran’s motivations for possibly acquiring a nuclear weapon, as well as the fallacy of Washington’s current approach.

Will Sanctions Change Iran’s Nuclear Calculus?

Javad Heydarian • Jun 11 2012 • Articles

Iran is currently under one of the most comprehensive and punitive set of sanctions ever implemented in history. With the European Union’s oil embargo and new U.S. sanctions set to take effect in coming days, Tehran will be put under tremendous economic pressure.

India’s Approach to Sanctions on Iran

Sujata Ashwarya Cheema • Apr 29 2012 • Articles

Although India has publically chastised Western sanctions against Iran’s oil exports, it is quietly beginning to comply with them. This apparent contradiction stems from Indian policymakers desire to balance its diverging interest in the U.S. and Iran.

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