Interview – Dana Gold

E-International Relations • Jan 28 2020 • Features

E-IR Article Award winner, Dana Gold discusses Israeli-Palestinian relations, the upcoming elections in Israel, peace theory, and the role of emotions in conflict.

The Gaza Crisis: Restrictions and Challenges to the Humanitarian Space in Gaza

Yaser Alashqar • Nov 30 2019 • Articles

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening due to aid restrictions, counter-terrorism legislation and the imposition of a no-contact policy with Hamas.

Israel and the Arab Gulf: An Israeli-Saudi Alliance in the Making?

Martin Beck • Nov 8 2019 • Articles

A strategic alliance between the Gulf States and Israel would be a first major step toward Israel’s transformation into the leading Middle Eastern regional power.

The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse and Theories of Peace in International Relations

Dana Gold • Nov 7 2019 • Articles

Scholars should not be penalized for a lack of solutions in achieving peace since they are not expected to solve global crises and their work can aid in creating peace.

Dangerous Gaming: Cyber-Attacks, Air-Strikes and Twitter

Andrew Dwyer and Jantje Silomon • Sep 23 2019 • Articles

By using gamified logics, the Israel Defense Forces in a tweet positioned air-strikes on a plane similar to cyber-attacks, transforming Hamas into inhuman targets.

Israel: A Democratic State?

Martin Beck • Aug 25 2019 • Articles

When applying a thin concept of democracy in the spirit of Robert Dahl, strong arguments point into the direction that Israel does not constitute a democratic polity.

The German Way of Securitizing the BDS Movement

Martin Beck • Jun 17 2019 • Articles

Critique of Israeli policy is the expression of a political opinion that targets a state and its policy. It is fundamentally distinct from anti-Semitism as the expression of racism.

Theory Synthesis in Sport and International Relations Research

Nikos Lekakis • May 26 2019 • Articles

An inadequate embodiment of IR paradigms exists in contemporary ‘sport & IR’ research as soft power, although highly influential, remains theoretically simplistic.

Revisiting Palestine’s Membership at the UN and Evolving Implications

Yaser Alashqar • Mar 1 2019 • Articles

Palestine’s admission as a non-member observer State at the UN has presented evolving implications and promising possibilities for Palestine’s quest for recognition

Non-State Power: The Case of Hamas

Glen Segell • Feb 18 2019 • Articles

Non-state actors that prioritize control and censorship over openness, would be deficient in soft power projection and success. So they would fall to using sharp power.

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Quraysha Ismail Sooliman • Aug 28 2018 • Articles

The systematic oppression and domination of the Palestinian people in Israel in conjunction with the nation-state law affirms Israel as an apartheid and racist state.

Interview – Emma Sky

E-International Relations • Jun 26 2018 • Features

Former advisor to the US military in Iraq, Emma Sky, talks about her views on foreign intervention, US foreign policy, elections in Iraq and the two-state solution.

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