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How Time Shapes our Understanding of Global Politics

How Time Shapes our Understanding of Global Politics

Using time as a primary analytical lens takes us beyond concerns with linear and teleological time that dominate the ways in which time is understood as mere ‘history’

War through a Temporal Lens

War through a Temporal Lens

The unforeseeable future implicates the present but also the manner in which decisions in the present operate at the intersection of meaning in past and future.

Bill Woodrow's 'Sitting On History' was purchased for the British Library by Carl Djerassi and Diane Middlebrook in 1997. It was photographed in the foyer (lobby) of the British Library. Sitting on History, with its ball and chain, refers to the book as the captor of information which we cannot escape.

Information above gleaned from information sheet available at the British Library information desk

The bust you can see top left is Sir Colin St John Wilson RA - Celia Scott, 1998 - a gift from the American Trust for the British Library

The Past Is Dead. Long Live the Past! A Manifesto for (Teaching) Social Change

Historiography becomes not only a valuable object of study, but also a crucial reminder that every present has its own version of the past.

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