Interview – Pablo Nemiña

E-International Relations • Aug 27 2019 • Features

Pablo Nemiña explores the complex relationship between Latin American countries and the IMF, Argentina’s economic policy and the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

Interview – Dirk Kruijt

E-International Relations • Aug 15 2018 • Features

Dirk Kruijt discusses Cuba’s relationship with the Latin American Left, including it’s support for armed guerrillas, and how this policy has transformed over the decades.

Pop Culture and Latin America’s Conflicts

W. Alejandro Sanchez • Dec 3 2016 • Articles

Militaries and police forces can win wars, but the television and cinematographic industries are critical components that will determine whether or not they will be remembered as heroes.

Review – The Right in Latin America

John Polga-Hecimovich • Oct 16 2016 • Features

While its methodological shortcomings may raise the ire of some political scientists, this book is still ultimately a novel account of elite power in Latin America.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and the Future of Peruvian Security

Barnett S. Koven • Jun 15 2016 • Articles

While the campaign focused on rising criminality and the economy, Peru’s counterinsurgency efforts in the Valley of the Rivers received scant attention

The Second Image Sometimes Reversed: Competing Interests in Drug Policy

Barnett S. Koven • Mar 8 2016 • Articles

Peruvian tribulations over drug policy under Humala indicates that the U.S. should not continue to expect steadfast support for its preferred policies in the region.

The Perils of Simultaneous COIN and Counternarcotics in Peru and Colombia

Barnett S. Koven • Apr 28 2014 • Articles

Simultaneously pursuing COIN and CN operations is an ineffective way of combating insurgent violence fueled by narco-funding in Peru and Colombia.

The International Court of Justice and the Peru-Chile Maritime Case

Mitja Grbec & Marko Pavliha • Apr 21 2014 • Articles

The ICJ’s decision in the Peru-Chile Maritime Case represents another important stone in the mosaic of what is usually referred to as the Law of Maritime Delimitations.

The Maritime Dispute Between Peru and Chile

Don Anton • Mar 18 2014 • Articles

On 27 January 2014, the ICJ delivered its judgment in the Peru v. Chile case in which it considered the existence, nature and extent of the disputed maritime boundary.

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