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Interview – Laurence Payot

Interview – Laurence Payot

Artist Laurence Payot talks about her projects gathering stories from refugees and displaced people across the UK, identity, and the ways art can influence politics.

Can Photographers Influence Politics?

Can Photographers Influence Politics?

Scholars engaged in the emerging field of global visual politics should think of the influential roles that photographers can and do play in these policy communities.

Lewis Bush, photographed at Sir John Soane's Museum, London

Interview – Lewis Bush

Lewis Bush talks about the utilisation of visual art to comment on global issues such as Brexit, the European debt crisis, Trump and state practices of espionage.

The Power of Images in Global Politics

The Power of Images in Global Politics

Images surround everything we do. This omnipresence of images is political and has changed fundamentally how we live and interact in today’s world.

Photo by Wilbur E. Garrett

Major General Charles Howard Foulkes and the Practice of Conflict Photography

Foulkes’ photographs reveal what soldiers on the front line of conflicts felt about those fighting alongside them, their opponents, and their own vulnerabilities.

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