Opinion – #arrestlucknowgirl: A Reminder of India’s Postcolonial Desire to Control Women

Ankita Rathour • Aug 18 2021 • Articles

We should begin engaging with postcolonial Indian feminist consciousness by denouncing violence strongly without universalizing a stand-alone issue.

Review – The Postcolonial African State in Transition

Sarah Then Bergh • Aug 12 2021 • Features

Amy Niang’s book takes up the urgent task of our collective postcolonial moment: to trace and critique historical trajectories, while finding in these the possibility to extract and abstract a plurality of modes of being, so as to create future imaginaries.

Review – Anticolonial Afterlives in Egypt: The Politics of Hegemony

Nicola Pratt • Jun 10 2021 • Features

Using the work of Antonio Gramsci and Franz Fanon, Salem’s book analyses postcolonial Egypt and explores how the failures of this period contributed to the 2011 revolution.

The Politics of Teaching International Relations in the Arab World: A Critique

Ahmed M. Abozaid • May 20 2021 • Articles

We live in a global system that constantly pushes one towards silencing non-Western voices and rendering their contributions invisible.

Review – Globalizing Morocco: Transnational Activism and the Postcolonial State

Blanca Camps-Febrer • Jan 2 2021 • Features

An important contribution to the history of nationalism in Morocco, especially US-Moroccan history.

Review – Sufism: A Theoretical Intervention in Global International Relations

Faiz Sheikh • Dec 8 2020 • Features

A fascinating book which covers a new ontological, epistemological and methodological approach for IR, as well as more empirically grounded studies of Sufism in practice.

Interview – Adom Getachew

E-International Relations • Oct 27 2020 • Features

Adom Getachew discusses Black History Month, the racialization of international society, Du Bois, anti-imperial resistance and how to uncover non-Western knowledge.

Interview – Priya Lal

E-International Relations • Oct 12 2020 • Features

Priya Lal discusses Black History Month, development and professional labour in Africa and Tanzania’s ujamaa socialist experiment.

Review – Race and the Undeserving Poor: From Abolition to Brexit

Nivi Manchanda • Jul 31 2020 • Features

Shilliam tells the story of colonial and postcolonial Britain and the book’s power lies in its ability to not only narrate a history but also to portend its future.

Interview – Jenna Marshall

E-International Relations • May 28 2020 • Features

Jenna Marshall discusses her research on the politics of pedagogy in the Caribbean and how Pan-African social social movements help us rethink international development.

Non-Western International Relations Theorisation: Reflexive Stocktaking

Yong-Soo Eun • Apr 12 2020 • Articles

Despite the currents of debate over “broadening” the theoretical horizons of IR beyond the West, several critical questions and issues still remain unclear or unexplored.

Colonial Politics of Digital Security Interfaces

Pedro Maia • Mar 17 2020 • Articles

When juxtaposing quantified data, digital territories, data visualization and security they end up reifying and perpetuating colonial practices and imaginaries.

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