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10th Anniversary Interview – Nicolas Onuf

To celebrate E-IR’s 10th anniversary we asked some of our existing interviewees two further questions reflecting on the last decade in International Relations.

Technological Ambivalence and International Relations

Technological Ambivalence and International Relations

Technology is linked to many key phenomena of international relations. Yet it has only recently been effectively incorporated into the study of IR.

Hostages of Culturalism

Hostages of Culturalism

What is multiculturalism? Is it a concept that is often uncritically used in the contemporary ‘civic’ and academic discourse, whereby those who employ it rarely feel the need to define it? Is it the state of affairs in some countries, the fact that several cultures coexist there, or perhaps some ideal that is still to be reached, something that implies political and social changes in a society? What if three cultures on the same territory promote cultural dogmas which are mutually irreconcilable?

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