Queer Theory

Interview – Samuel Ritholtz

E-International Relations • Nov 4 2021 • Features

Samuel Ritholtz discusses queer kinship and the rights of refugee families, the impact of Covid-19 on trans and queer people and the role of queer IR in efforts to decolonise the discipline.

Interview – Andrew Delatolla

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2021 • Features

Andrew Delatolla discusses Queer IR, the contemporary governance of sexuality in the West, ‘homocolonialism’ and his upcoming edited volume.

Queer(y)ing Brexit: Sexuality and the Shifting Nature of Remainer and Leaver Worldviews

Jack Lindsay • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

Remain and Leave supporters have utilised discourses of sexuality to rarefy the Remain-Leave binary antagonism in the UK.

LGBTQ+ History Month Interviews

E-International Relations • Feb 22 2021 • Features

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month we asked previous contributors to E-IR whether they think the discipline of IR has made important strides to equally incorporate LGBTQ+ perspectives, ideas and histories.

Interview – Jamie Hagen

E-International Relations • Feb 15 2021 • Features

Jamie Hagen discusses the importance of LGBTQ+ History Month, the role of queer theory in IR and challenges faced by women and LGBTIQ+ folks in Northern Ireland.

Queering Genocide: How Can Sexuality Be Incorporated Into Analyses Of Genocide?

Patrick Vernon • Jan 13 2021 • Articles

Understanding more about the sexuality of genocidal violence will only come from an analysis of heterosexuality as a system of logic.

Interview – Dean Cooper-Cunningham

E-International Relations • Apr 25 2020 • Features

Dean Cooper-Cunningham discusses the benefits of using visual methods in IR, responses to Russian political queerphobia and the visuality of resistance and (in)security.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Queer Theory and Sexual Equality

Markus Thiel • Jul 13 2019 • Student Features

Queer Theory allows analysis not just of Gender categories, but also how these function within the politico-economic context.

Sex, Tongue, and International Relations

Manuela Lavinas Picq and Caroline Cottet • Jun 11 2019 • Articles

We must tackle the problem of sexual liberation to show how global narratives assert the existence of diverse sexualities but also impose external arrangements.

Undoing Sovereignty/Identity, Queering the ‘International’: The Politics of Law

Po-Han Lee • Oct 22 2018 • Articles

For the rights of human race in the field of IR, the ‘international’ needs to be deconstructed and reordered in a non-state centric and non-heteronormative manner.

Weirdly/Queerly Ethical: Contemporary Greek Cinema and the Crisis of Meaning

Marios Psaras • Feb 14 2018 • Articles

In an age of a glooming and menacing global political landscape the contemporary trend in Greek cinema construes and articulates a ‘crisis of meaning’,

Introducing Queer Theory in International Relations

Markus Thiel • Jan 7 2018 • Articles

In a time when IR is often accused of being parochial, queer theory is a theoretically inclusive – and necessary corrective – to powerful myths and narratives of international orders.

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