Recep Tayyip Erdogan

An Ontological Reading of Turkey’s AK Party – Gülen Movement Conflict

Arslan Ayan • Jul 21 2019 • Articles
An alliance that once existed gradually turned to conflict post-2010 because both sides began to fear an erosion in their self-identities as a source of distinctiveness.

The Turkish Referendum and Its Impact on Turkey’s Foreign Policy

Md. Muddassir Quamar • May 22 2017 • Articles
The Turkish referendum results have confirmed a change in Turkey's political system and has, in the views of Erdoğan’s critics, formalized an authoritarian rule.

The Unresolved Internal Struggle beyond the Turkish Coup

Marianna Charountak • Aug 9 2016 • Articles
Turkey’s redefinition of itself on the basis of a clear strategy and vision both internally and externally will determine the future nature of the Turkish political structure.

The Post-Davutoglu Era in Turkish Foreign Policy

Bezen Balamir Coşkun • Jun 3 2016 • Articles
Replacing Ahmet Davutoğlu will not end his strategic legacy and in the short run there will not be any radical shift over Turkey’s present foreign policy orientation.

Turkish Presidential Elections and the Kurdish Peace Process

Sibel Oktay • Aug 10 2014 • Articles
Recep Tayyip Erdogan will most likely be elected as the next president of Turkey. If not, expect to see progress on the Kurdish peace process from the AKP government.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan’s Non-Apologies to the Armenians and Kurds

Fatma Müge Göçek • Jul 7 2014 • Articles
The lukewarm responses of the Armenian state and Kurdish and Armenian social groups reveal that Erdoğan’s statements were merely political statements, not apologies.

Approaching 2015: How to Assess Erdoğan’s Statement on the Armenian Genocide?

Taner Akcam • Jun 4 2014 • Articles
Prime Minister Erdoğan's statement on the Armenian Genocide elevated previous utterances made by government officials to the level of Turkey's official position.

Erdoğan’s Condolences: Too Little, Too Late within a Steadily Changing Context

Ara Sanjian • May 8 2014 • Articles
Many Armenians believe that Erdoğan's condolences constitute too little at this stage and do not provide hope for any major breakthrough in Armenian-Turkish relations.

Second Image (Reversed), Framing Effects, and Turkey’s Gezi Park Demonstrations

Edward Webb • Jul 1 2013 • Articles
Prime Minister Erdoğan is not in imminent danger of losing power, but the protests and his response to them could be consequential for Turkey's democracy and its role in international relations.

Flying Blind: Why Armed Drones May Detract from Turkish Security

Aaron Stein • Jun 27 2012 • Articles
Turkey is actively seeking to procure armed unmanned drone aircraft to combat its Kurdish insurgency. This strategy carries profound risks.

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