Review – Status and the Rise of Brazil

Camila Amorim Jardim • Jul 27 2020 • Features

This ambitious book provides a useful analysis of Brazil’s foreign policy and the dilemmas its status presents, but largely reproduces traditional perspectives.

Recognition in Global Politics: The Challenge of Images and Technology

Constance Duncombe • Sep 5 2018 • Articles

While the role of recognition in world politics is ever more acknowledged, the technological and visual aspect of this process requires much greater consideration.

The Colonial Politics of Recognition in Trudeau’s Relationship with Indigenous Nations

Devin Zane Shaw and Veldon Coburn • Sep 7 2017 • Articles

Trudeau recognizes Indigenous peoples not as territorial-based nations, but as historically oppressed cultural groups requiring state protection.

Cornwall and the Politics of Recognition

Simon Thompson • Oct 26 2014 • Articles

Is it possible to recognize a minority people without undermining the unity of the broader political community, or setting in train a process which ends in the breakup of that larger community?

The Dilemma of Living in a Complex, Multi-faith Society

Simon Thompson • Jan 23 2014 • Articles

To what extent it is permissible for a group in a democratic society to conduct its collective life in accordance with rules which are not fully congruent with the laws of that society?

Engaging with Contested States: How Much Interaction Constitutes Recognition?

James Ker-Lindsay • Sep 10 2013 • Articles

The issue of engagement without recognition, where states interact (or choose not to interact) with ‘contested states’ is of increasing importance and raises issues of real practical significance.

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