Interview – Angelika Rettberg

E-International Relations • Aug 13 2019 • Features
Angelika Rettberg talks about her forthcoming book on war economies and post-war crime, the role of resources in the conflict in Colombia and the recent peace agreement.

Lest We Forget: Religion and the Remembrance of War in a Secular State

John A. Rees • May 7 2015 • Articles
The memorialisation of ANZAC in Australia shows that faith tradition can add depth of memory to sovereign self-understanding, even in secular states.

The Palestinian Narrative of Reconciliation

Atef Alshaer • May 27 2014 • Articles
The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation, if implemented, will have serious consequences for the Palestinians who have been deeply hurt by the division and its ramifications.

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide

Paul Magnarella • Apr 14 2014 • Articles
UN and foreign military interventions may have postponed the 1994 genocide that occurred in Rwanda, but they would not have solved the underlying problems that led to it.

The European Union’s Next Nobel Peace Prize

William Phelan • Aug 5 2013 • Articles
The Nobel Prize Committee appears to have missed an opportunity to identify what is most distinctive about the EU and its contribution to “fraternity among nations” – its dispute settlement system.

Responses to Intercommunal Violence in Jonglei State

Diana Felix da Costa • Jun 18 2012 • Articles
There is a need for greater in-depth research into local perceptions and understandings of violence, which must underpin any external support to short and long-term reconciliation.

Dealing with Inter-Communal Violence in South Sudan

Conflict is not inevitable in South Sudan. All of the issues present in Jonglei can be addressed through enlightened government policies. While still young, the RSS may draw from lessons learned throughout the region.

The Challenging Road to Reconciliation in Rwanda

Ervin Staub • Jan 17 2012 • Articles
In the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Hutus killed about 700 hundred thousand Tutsis. This piece will discuss institutions and processes of reconciliation since the genocide, discussing both their positive and problematic aspects.

Sri Lanka: A Nation Moves On

Salma Yusuf • Jan 3 2012 • Articles
As Sri Lanka emerges from the throes of a three-decade conflict, the opportunities and hope for a new tomorrow spring in the hearts and minds of all its peoples. The kaleidoscope of aspects to be addressed in order to bring the nation back on its feet is far from few.

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