Red Cross

Differently Neutral: The Complex Relation among States, the Red Cross and NGOs

Alessandro Fabbri • Oct 22 2018 • Articles

Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders need to organize a public debate, to bridge their ethical differences and to reach a durable agreement.

Where Chlorine Is Your Best Friend

Mukesh Kapila • Jan 8 2015 • Articles

Ebola vaccine trials are expected to start in Guinea shortly. But there are other signs of hope: the many improvised disinfectant dispensers sprouting around homesteads.

How Mary Saves the World – One Life at a Time

Mukesh Kapila • Dec 23 2014 • Articles

Zambia is overcoming the burden of HIV thanks to dedicated volunteers. In a very real sense, they are also saving their country and the world, one life at a time.

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