Religious Freedom

The Chimera of Freedom of Religion in Australia: Reactions to the Ruddock Review

Michael Quinlan • Jan 21 2019 • Articles

The latest inquiry into religious freedom in Australia, namely the Ruddock Review, concludes that change in this area is likely to remain a chimera for some time to come.

Interview – Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

E-International Relations • Sep 30 2016 • Features

Professor Shakman Hurd discusses her latest book ‘Beyond Religious Freedom’ and where she believes the study of religion in IR is headed.

The New (Anti-)Secularism

Marek Sullivan • Mar 22 2016 • Articles

The more belief and behaviour merge in the minds of policy drafters and radical atheists, the more liberty of conscience becomes ethically untenable.

Is There a Religious Diversity Peace Dividend?

Dan G. Cox • Dec 28 2015 • Articles

Religious diversity significantly reduces terrorism, which may provide empirical verification for claims that religious freedom increases political stability.

The Religion Agenda: The Sahrawi Refugees and the Politics of Tolerance

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd • Dec 26 2015 • Articles

Global advocacy for religious toleration has yielded mixed consequences for the Sahrawi refugees of Algeria by reproducing discourses purveyed by those in power

The Geopolitics of Religious Liberty

Nilay Saiya • Dec 23 2015 • Articles

Guided by the secularisation thesis, the field of international relations has been slow to recognise religion’s importance and has tended to ignore it until recently.

S.A.S. v France: The French Burqa Ban and Religious Freedom

Lucy Vickers • Sep 10 2014 • Articles

The conclusion of the Court in the S.A.S. case is disappointing. It gives leeway to states to legislate to uphold the very nebulous concept of ‘living together’.

Should International Relations Scholars Care About Religious Freedom?

Peter Henne • Apr 22 2013 • Articles

Since religious repression can contribute to extremist ideology and violence then religious freedom can be vital in addressing religiously inspired civil wars and terrorism.

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