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Interview – Loretta Napoleoni

Interview – Loretta Napoleoni

Loretta Napoleoni discusses the finances of terror networks, the challenge of countering ISIS, and the attraction of China’s economic model for developing countries.

Review Article – The BRICs and International Relations

Review Article – The BRICs and International Relations

These two academically rigorous books serve as valuable guides to the relations among BRICs and provide engaging analyses on their impact on international order.

Image by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Interview – Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Wasserstrom talks about China’s shifting place in the world given its political history, economics, foreign policy and the continued need for research in this field.

Image by Sam Breach

The “New Type of Major Power Relations”: A New Normal in Sino-US Ties

Political, economic and military conditions make a direct clash between the two powers possible, yet there are also constraints on all levels impeding on this.

Image by Peter Mackey

The “Peace” in China’s Peaceful Rise

The rise of China as a significant player in international politics is viewed with suspicion, and questions emerge whether it will challenge the hegemony of the U.S.

Interview – Jonathan Holslag

Interview – Jonathan Holslag

Dr. Holslag discusses how the rise of China is changing world order, considers the security dilemmas this is creating in Asia, and reflects on realist approaches to IR.

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