Rohingya Crisis

Nationalism, Persecution and Repatriation of the Rohingya

Kazi Fahmida Farzana • Apr 5 2018 • Articles
It is imperative to rethink whether incentives are good for a country like Myanmar which is recovering from the experience of nearly 50 years of military rule, or sanctions are more effective to change behavior.

Interview – Simon Long

E-International Relations • Jan 4 2018 • Features
Journalist Simon Long shares his views on state-media relations in the Asian context, geopolitical tensions in East Asia, the role of ASEAN and Rohingya refugee crisis.

Is Russia a Strong State? The Complex Relationship with the Chechen Leadership

Alexander Tabachnik • Nov 29 2017 • Articles
The mass protests by Muslims in Moscow in September 2017 have demonstrated the increasing complexity of the relationship between Moscow and the Chechen leadership.

Reports on Genocide in Myanmar Highlight the Need for Change

Ronan Lee • Jan 24 2016 • Articles
The situation for the majority of Rakhine State’s residents, Buddhist and Muslim, is dreadful. But, for the Rohingya Muslims it is tragic.

Rohingya Crisis and the ‘Boat People’ Conference: Towards a Regional Solution?

Siegfried O. Wolf • Jun 18 2015 • Articles
Regional governments in South East Asia need to identify the unsolved Rohingya problem as a chance for constructive cooperation instead of a roadblock for collaboration.

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