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Interview – Christian Davies

Interview – Christian Davies

Journalist Christian Davies talks to us about the current situation in Poland, Poland and Hungary’s relations with the EU, and some of the challenges facing journalists.

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Looking Back at 2011

2011 is a moment in history which encapsulated the impulse for achieving democracy yet a review of subsequent events show democratisation is an extremely complex process.

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Courts: The Quagmire

The Bar Associations have substantively failed to regulate their own people, contributing to a decrease in public trust in the judicial system at large.

Interview – Marina Povitkina

Interview – Marina Povitkina

Marina Povitkina discusses her PhD research on democracy and its effect on environmental performance, as well as the Paris Agreement, green policies and island nations.

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N-of-1 Survey Finds Support for a Return to the Divine Right of Kings (A Satire)

A satirical commentary on the feasibility of a return to the divine right of kings in light of a perceived decline of the rule of law.

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The Path to Authoritarianism: How do we get there?!

Authoritarian regimes are assessed through their use of judiciaries to give legitimacy to autocratic rule, reinforcing the importance of the separation of powers doctrine

Cambodia’s Election and Two Conceptions of the Rule of Law

Cambodia’s Election and Two Conceptions of the Rule of Law

A new understanding of competition between elite groups may be the best way to foster the rule of law in Cambodia after the re-election of the People’s Party.

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