Samuel P. Huntington

Revisiting the Clash of Civilizations Thesis After 9/11

Deepshikha Shahi • Mar 23 2017 • Articles
Afghans believing in the Taliban/al-Qaida discourse will succumb to the intellectual insights of Huntington’s thesis which endorses the same worldview in a reverse guise.

Afghanistan: A Critical Insight into Huntington’s Civilizational Approach

Deepshikha Shahi • Mar 11 2017 • Articles
Understanding 9/11 and the US-led war on terror in Afghanistan as exemplifications of a clash of civilizations seems to be thoroughly misleading and dangerous.

Open Access Book – Understanding Post-9/11 Afghanistan: A Critical Insight into Huntington’s Civilizational Approach

E-International Relations • Feb 24 2017 • Features
A post-Islamic humanist discourse has the potential to carve the way for peace in post-9/11 Afghanistan and vindicate Islam of its denigration in the contemporary world.

Civilisations and International Society

Andrew Linklater • Feb 2 2016 • Articles
The most powerful societies have not come under sustained pressure to construct an international society that does justice to different cultures or civilisations.

Edited Collection – Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Twenty Years On

E-International Relations • Dec 22 2013 • Features
A free download compiled from E-IR's coverage of the twentieth anniversary of Samuel P. Huntington's hotly debated 1993 Foreign Affairs article.

Review – Democracy in Retreat

Kenneth C Upsall • Nov 6 2013 • Features
Kulantzich carries the debate about foreign policy, intervention and self-determination to a new level by pressing readers think about how democracy is successfully advanced.

Huntington and Post-Cold War Paradigms: If Not the Clash of Civilizations, What?

Terry Tucker • Sep 23 2013 • Articles
The twentieth anniversary of ‘The Clash of Civilizations?’ provides us with the opportunity to re-examine the ongoing relevance of Huntington’s thesis in the context of contemporary geopolitics.

Enemy Wanted: Apply Without

David A. Welch • May 28 2013 • Articles
Huntington adopted his Clash of Civilizations thesis in the context of scholars attempting to make sense of the post-Cold War era. His thesis was not a prediction or a theory, it was a wish.

Interview – Arshin Adib-Moghaddam

E-International Relations • May 7 2013 • Features
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam shares his insight on the legacy of Huntington's Clash of Civilizations thesis, its impact in the modern world, and ways to move beyond a clash narrative.

Civilizations and International Society

Andrew Linklater • May 3 2013 • Articles
The idea of civilization may have lost its importance, but understanding different civilizing processes is critical for promoting respect and trust between the diverse peoples of today’s international society.

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