Saudi Arabia

Iran Is Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution

P.R. Kumaraswamy • Dec 10 2015 • Articles
Geostrategic reality, shrewd political moves and the short-sighted policies of its adversaries have enhanced the role of Iran in any future dispensation in Syria.

Middle East: Moving Towards a Sectarian Political Order?

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Dec 1 2015 • Articles
Sectarian violence has vitiated regional politics and foreign policies along sectarian lines. The fight between the Shi’ite and Sunni crescents is likely to continue.

Why Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record Does Not Matter

Anna Viden • Oct 22 2015 • Articles
In the context of the strained security situation in the Middle East and Europe it seems unlikely that human rights considerations will gain the upper hand.

Interview – Andy Wolff

E-International Relations • Aug 31 2015 • Features
Director Andy Wolff talks about piracy and acquisition of information by experience, through the many subjects he tackles in his documentaries - a useful reminder for IR.

Yemen: A Battle for Energy Supremacy

Ashay Abbhi • May 23 2015 • Articles
Yemen is the amphitheatre where the gladiators will fight each other for the coveted prize of significant amount of resources, clout, and strengthened political will

Upgrading the Arab League by Establishing a Joint Military Force?

Martin Beck • May 22 2015 • Articles
It cannot be excluded that the initiative to build a Arab military force will share the fate of previous launches: a big announcement followed by a rather low performance

Is the Saudi-U.S. Relationship “Broken”?

Anna Viden • May 9 2014 • Articles
Despite misalignment on certain crucial issues, the Saudi-U.S. strategic alliance is not “broken”. Most of the main pillars of the relationship are still relevant.

Succession in Saudi Arabia and What It Means for the Future of Saudi Policy

Robert Mason • Apr 29 2014 • Articles
Succession is designed for the purpose of ensuring a smooth transition of state leadership, but it is always a complex affair.

Review – Buraimi: The Struggle for Power, Influence and Oil in Arabia

Tore T. Petersen • Mar 26 2014 • Features
Morton provides insight into the disputes of the South Eastern Arabian Peninsula, yet fails to provide an adequate understanding of US policy in the region.

Saudi – Bangladeshi Relations in Perspective

Robert Mason • Feb 27 2014 • Articles
Should Saudi tensions with Iran ease, relations with Bangladesh could pick up as Ministers in Riyadh feel able to further diversify relations in South Asia.

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