Applying Securitization’s Second Generation to COVID-19

Lewis Eves and James Thedham • May 14 2020 • Articles
The United Kingdom and Serbia have been selected to show how second-generation thinking can be applied to both western and non-western political cultures.

Interview – Katarina Kušić

E-International Relations • Sep 12 2019 • Features
Katarina Kušić discusses the concepts of intervention and liberal governmentality, her research on Serbia, ethnography and decolonial thought applied to Southeast Europe.

Review – Security Entrepreneurs: Performing Protection in Post-Cold War Europe

Scott Fitzsimmons • Dec 12 2018 • Features
The book examines the approach to security privatization taken in four Eastern European states, revealing the influence of global norms and the post-communist transition.

Review – Hunger and Fury: The Crisis of Democracy in the Balkans

Siddharth Tripathi • Sep 26 2018 • Features
Mujanović's book outlines the crisis of democracy and failure of Western efforts to democratise the Balkan region but offers pessimism as well as hope for the future.

Promoting Democracy in Serbia — The Limits of EU Conditionality

John Allison • Apr 12 2018 • Essays
Despite the EU’s use of conditionality, Serbia remains far from constituting a consolidated democracy, and recent trends suggest it may be backsliding.

Personal-Political Imaginations: Feminism, Gender and Security in Serbia

Laura McLeod • Jul 17 2015 • Articles
To understand how particular meanings of 'gender security' come about, it's necessary to pay attention to personal-political imaginations of conflict and post-conflict.

“Pax Russica” in the Balkans: Serbia Between Myth and Reality

Eduard Abrahamyan • Apr 30 2015 • Articles
The article critically examines the misconceptions and prejudices of Russia's political elite and ideological thinkers regarding Serbia

“Balkanizing” the War on Terror

Sidita Kushi • Mar 4 2015 • Articles
While the EU and the US must reassess risks and potential investments in the Western Balkans they must also learn to separate the politics from the true security threats.

Stability, Cooperation and Integration: The Future of Serb-Albanian Relations

Gëzim Krasniqi • Mar 2 2015 • Articles
The relations between Albania and Serbia depends on a precondition: mutual recognition as equals which means relinquishing the idea of hegemony in favour of cooperation.

Peace and Reconciliation in the Balkans: Croatia vs. Serbia

Nikolina Židek • Feb 25 2015 • Articles
Reconciliation is a slow process but when there is political will, changes can occur and victims can eventually get redress through justice, truth and memory.

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