Review – A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution

Michael J. Bustamante • Jun 25 2016 • Features

Drawing on exceptionally rare collections, Cushion’s revealing study is the first to place working people at the center of a political project forged in their name.

Review – The Grenada Revolution: Reflections and Lessons

John Walton Cotman • Mar 2 2016 • Features

An important and groundbreaking interdisciplinary scholarly volume which highlights the lessons that can be drawn from the errors and triumphs of the Grenada Revolution.

Review – Marx’s Concept of The Alternative to Capitalism

Leslie Sklair • Jan 13 2016 • Features

An unusually clear and fertile book which demonstrates that, contrary to popular and scholarly opinion, Marx did have a coherent concept of the postcapitalist future.

Interview – Susan Spronk

E-International Relations • Jan 13 2016 • Features

Professor Spronk discusses Latin American ’21st Century Socialism’, reflects on struggles against water privatization, and assesses the role of the BRICS in world order.

Drawing out Rosa Luxemburg’s Gender Identity

Kate Evans • Dec 1 2015 • Articles

Luxemburg’s message only becomes more relevant as another inherent crisis of capitalism looms and the onward march of globalisation and militarism produces more victims.

Review – Neoliberal Hegemony and the Pink Tide in Latin America

Laurence Goodchild • Aug 4 2015 • Features

Rooted in a stimulating neo-Gramscian framework, Chodor’s analysis eschews generalizations and puts forward a compelling case for how the pink tide should be understood.

Review – Community and Culture in Post-Soviet Cuba

Jennifer Lambe • Jul 20 2015 • Features

An astute and thoughtful take on Cuban responses to the “special period”, this title offers tantalizing material for comparison as Cuba confronts yet another transition.

Interview – Minqi Li

E-International Relations • Apr 7 2015 • Features

Professor Li discusses crises of the global economy, the significance of ecological limits to growth, and the imperative for an alternative socialist world system.

Review – Democracy, Revolution and Geopolitics in Latin America

Thomas Muhr • Mar 18 2015 • Features

This outstanding volume is a crucial contribution to the ongoing paradigmatic struggle over how to make sense of the revolutionary transformations of Latin America.

Interview – Leo Panitch

E-International Relations • Aug 7 2014 • Features

Professor Panitch explains how he understands imperialism, discusses the value of democratic peace theory, and the inherent problems with US-led global capitalism.

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