What Is Sovereignty? Lessons from the UK

As Britain embarks to find a new place in the world and as other powers vow to defend their sovereignty, the world seems even more confused and the debate remains open.

The Effect of the Intervention in Libya on the International Debate about Syria

Jonathan Pugh • Nov 9 2017 • Essays
The intervention in Libya was seen by non-Western states as a dangerous legal precedent undermining the status state sovereignty had been given under international law.

Palestine in Britain: Sovereignty and Diplomacy After Balfour

Catherine Charrett • Jun 22 2017 • Articles
Palestinians should move to express freedom and dignity through an extended notion of sovereignty that will not be mediated by statist diplomatic practices.

Interview – Benjamin Habib

E-International Relations • Jun 16 2017 • Features
Dr. Habib talks about the meaning of the Paris Agreement, environmental politics in North Korea, and the problems with sovereignty in a static territorial system.

Transatlantic Sovereignty Games: What Makes the US and the EU ‘Hang Together’?

Katarina Rebello • Jun 15 2017 • Essays
Drawing on an analytical framework based on ‘sovereignty games’ this essay explores the roles of money in (re)constructing relations between the USA and the EU.

Border Thinking and the Experiential Epistemologies of International Relations

Marc Woons and Sebastian Weier • Jun 2 2017 • Articles
Borders cannot be understood separate from the bodies they affect and form. The geopolitics of knowledge cannot be separated from the experience of borders.

Interview – Walter D. Mignolo

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2017 • Features
Professor Walter D. Mignolo discusses the geo- and body-political dimensions of knowledge as the energy fuelling border thinking and decoloniality.

Edited Collection – Critical Epistemologies of Global Politics

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2017 • Features
This book offers an enriched vision of borders, both analytically and politically, that not only seeks to understand but also to reshape and expand the meanings and consequences of IR.

The Global Reconstitution of Borders: A Five-part Symposium

Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni • May 21 2017 • Articles
Borders both constitute and personify political communities, simultaneously symbolizing their cohesiveness and embodying their separateness from (and fear of) ‘others’.

The Doctor and the Cure: The Crisis of Sovereignty in the Twenty-first Century

Manu Bhagavan • Feb 24 2017 • Articles
Contemporary populists are looking backwards, hoping to fix our problems by drawing from a medical toolkit from a previous century.

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