Symposium – Does Brexit Herald a Re-assertion of the European Nation-state?

Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni • Feb 20 2017 • Articles
The nation-state is back. Yet, the apparent resurgence of European nation-states is about more than the practical failings of the EU or its perceived democratic deficit.

The Making of the Modern World

Erik Ringmar • Dec 26 2016 • Articles
International politics, for good and for bad, was shaped by Europeans and by non-Europeans copying European examples.

Review – Globalization and Capitalist Geopolitics

Adrian Budd • Apr 23 2016 • Features
Focusing on tensions between economic transnationalization and the persistence of inter-state rivalry, Woodley poses challenging questions for all perspectives in IR.

Dressing the Sovereign: Fashion as a Symbolic Form of Sovereignty

Andreas Behnke • Feb 4 2016 • Articles
Rather than a ‘mask’ for a decapitated sovereign, fashion diplomacy provides a sartorial symbolic form for this sovereignty, making it visible and appreciable.

From Sovereignty to War: Foucault’s Analytic of Power

Verena Erlenbusch • Dec 12 2015 • Articles
Foucault’s work draws our attention to the fact that in an age characterized by mechanisms of exclusion of those who threaten the human race that war, not sovereignty, is political strategy.

Climate Change and the Re-imagination of State Sovereignty

Benjamin Habib • Nov 8 2015 • Articles
The state is an arbitrary reference point in a dynamic Earth system. The Earth can no longer be ignored as a given in at the ontological level of international relations.

The Virtues of Anarchism

Christian Pfenninger • Oct 26 2015 • Articles
IR needs to pay attention to philosophical anarchism; IR has been paying attention to anarchy, but has failed to incorporate anarchism into its conceptual repertoire.

Islamic State and the Hypocrisy of Sovereignty

Hope Lozano Bielat • Mar 20 2015 • Articles
The extent to which IS challenges sovereignty depends on its future actions. Its conception of sovereignty cannot survive in the current world order of nation-states.

Reclaiming Sovereignty: Constituted and Constituent Power in Political Theory

Christian Pfenninger • Jan 12 2015 • Articles
Any serious attempt to reclaim the practice of sovereignty from the state must pay attention to the transformative potential of constituent power.

Review – On Sovereignty and Other Political Delusions

Xavier Mathieu • Dec 24 2014 • Features
Despite some limitations, Cocks' volume captivatingly engages with the concept of sovereignty and its practical and historical realities.

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