Modelling the United Nations in Bristol

Aditi Verma • Nov 2 2014 • Articles
Students from UWE Bristol, the University of Bristol, and Sciences Po simulated whether sovereignty should be conditional in the face of severe human rights violations.

Review – Maritime Diplomacy in the 21st Century

James Manicom • Oct 12 2014 • Features
Le Mière sheds light on an area of diplomacy that has largely been overlooked despite its growing importance in the maritime century.

Entropy Versus Thought Traditions: IR Theory Isn’t Dead Yet

Robert L. Oprisko • Jun 16 2014 • Articles
Despite evidence to the contrary, IR Theory is enjoying a renaissance in novel and dynamic ideas that will keep theorists entertained and debating for years to come.

Foucault and International Relations

Philippe Fournier • May 12 2014 • Articles
Though Michel Foucault remains a somewhat marginalized figure within international relations, the critical ethos he left behind has greatly inspired IR scholars.

Rumsfeldian Logic and the Debate on Scottish Independence

A.B. Evans • Nov 25 2013 • Articles
Whether Scotland votes yes or no in 2014, future years seem to only offer the certainty of doubt. However, we know to a certain degree where such ambiguities & uncertainties are likely to emerge.

Interview – Anthony D. Smith

E-International Relations • Sep 3 2013 • Features
Professor Anthony D. Smith answers your questions about the origin of nations, changing conceptions of nationhood in the EU, and the links between nationalism and genocide.

Review – Changing Norms Through Actions

Mariana S. Mendes • Aug 15 2013 • Features
Ramos' research is empirically rich and theoretically innovative, using social psychology to argue that the more costly an intervention is, the more contingent sovereignty becomes.

What the Peculiar Case of the Kurdistan Region Can Teach Us about Sovereignty

Hannes Artens • Aug 13 2013 • Articles
Examining how the process of ‘becoming a state’ works allows analysts to better capture the complex dynamics in Iraq and the nature of sovereignty as a discourse.

Review – After the Globe, Before the World

Al McKay • Mar 3 2012 • Features
This book begins where R.B.J Walker left off in 'Inside/Outside', continuing his discussion of sovereignty, the state and the system of states.

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