Interview – David Runciman

E-International Relations • Feb 13 2019 • Features
David Runciman discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on democracy, the link between conspiracy theories and technology and his views on identity politics.

Review – The Microbial State

Stephen Michael Christian • Jan 24 2019 • Features
Focusing on microbes and drawing on biology and science and technology studies, Stefanie Fishel's book re-theorises the body to provide a biocentric view of politics.

Technology and Tyranny

Sai Felicia Krishna-Hensel • Jan 21 2019 • Articles
The concern with modern technology is that it has the capability of imposing a value system and influencing populations, thus creating an authoritarian environment.

Technology and Tyranny: Social Media and the End of the Liberal World Order

Jean-Marie Chenou • Nov 22 2018 • Articles
Social media are used by authoritarian regimes and tyrants - and as instruments of resistance. In both cases, they participate in the redefinition of the world order.

Interview – Elisabete Azevedo-Harman

E-International Relations • Oct 11 2018 • Features
Elisabete Azevedo-Harman sheds light on the growth of communication, citizenship and technology in Africa and discusses Dhlakama’s legacy, democracy and President Nyusi.

Why People Need the Dark Web

Ross Bellaby • Oct 7 2018 • Articles
In developed societies, almost every aspect of life is becoming digitised, facilitating social and commercial interactions in ways previously unseen.

Recognition in Global Politics: The Challenge of Images and Technology

Constance Duncombe • Sep 5 2018 • Articles
While the role of recognition in world politics is ever more acknowledged, the technological and visual aspect of this process requires much greater consideration.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies: Insights from and for IR

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn • Feb 9 2018 • Articles
Ongoing investigation is required, to further uncover the limits, shifts, and interre­lationships between contemporary forms of governance by, with, and of blockchains.

Review – Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

Richard W. Coughlin • Jan 11 2018 • Features
Peter Frase's book illuminates the potential effects of robotization and climate change on a post-capitalist future and the institutional structures that might emerge.

Can Social Media Help Develop Politically Active Global Communities?

Britta Baumgarten • May 16 2017 • Articles
Social media provides new forms of, and tools for, activism but its potential to build a global community of politically active citizens should not be overestimated.

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