Tony Blair

The Importance of the Chilcot Report for International Relations Scholars

Piers Robinson • Aug 15 2016 • Articles

Academics should focus more on the processes by which power is exercised through organised persuasive communication and manipulative propaganda.

Review – The Breaking of Nations

Filipa Pestana • May 27 2013 • Features

This collection of essays by Robert Cooper offers a concise yet often controversial view of Europe’s place in the new world order and of what can be done to tackle fanaticism.

Conviction Foreign Policy: Thatcher and Blair Compared

Stephen Dyson • Apr 30 2013 • Articles

Both Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair can be described as implementing conviction foreign policies. This is a product of their temperament and characterised by relentless certainty.

Liberal Legal Internationalism: A History (and Present) of Double Standards

Mohsen al Attar • Sep 27 2012 • Articles

Liberal legal internationalism is anything but liberal, legal or international. International law today is as rife with double standards as it was nearly five centuries ago during times of colonial conquest.

The noble cause: New Labour’s legacy on Africa

Julia Gallagher • Apr 15 2011 • Articles

It was widely regarded as a rare bright spot in New Labour’s pretentions to an ‘ethical foreign policy’. While domestic reform got bogged down in complexity, and foreign policy in recrimination, British policy in Africa stood for something pure – the ‘one noble cause’ as Blair himself put it. But what is the real legacy of New Labour’s pursuit of the ‘good state’ in Africa?

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