Opinion – Bidenomics: US Trade Policy under a Biden Presidency

Holger Janusch • Oct 15 2020 • Articles

While we can expect changes in the negotiation approach if Biden should be elected president, US trade policy will not go back to ‘business as usual’.

Trade, Industrialisation, and British Colonial Rule in India

Roberto Bonfatti and Björn Brey • Aug 10 2020 • Articles

British industrial productivity led to a century-long process of deindustrialisation. India was outcompeted by the industrial revolution in Britain

Student Feature – Spotlight on the WTO and its Appellate Body Crisis

Bhumika Billa • Sep 7 2019 • Student Features

The WTO is known for its robust dispute settlement mechanism, but this procedure is threatened by the blocking of appointments to its appellate body.

Review – Huidu: Inside Huawei

Lily McElwee • Feb 28 2019 • Features

Given the current climate Huawei’s former President of External Affairs, William B. Plummer, provides a highly opinionated but useful insight into the Chinese tech firm.

Railing Relations from the UK to China

Kerry Brown • May 13 2017 • Articles

In perspective, a train carrying freight from the UK to the eastern side of China shows that such a link is possible, but whether it can be sustainable is another matter.

Review – International Order in Diversity

Nathan Sears • Mar 28 2017 • Features

Though an empirically intriguing and entertaining read, Phillips and Sharman’s book falls short on theory and contains fallacious historical investigation.

Brexit: The View from India

Ronak Desai • Mar 20 2017 • Articles

London’s ability to secure a trade deal with India has been complicated by an issue at the heart of the Brexit debate: immigration.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the 2016 US Presidential Election

Tom Chodor • Apr 23 2016 • Articles

The popularity of Trump and Sanders indicate that the days when neoliberal globalisation heralded a prosperous and equitable world are long behind us.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place? EU-Armenia Relations after Vilnius

Günter Walzenbach • Nov 26 2014 • Articles

Economic rapprochement between Russia and the West is unlikely to occur so long as Putin pursues his pet project – the Eurasian Customs Union.

ASEAN and the European Union: Lessons in Integration

Moe Thuzar • Oct 7 2012 • Articles

The experiences of ASEAN-EU integration have clarified some hard truths. Both organisations should take each other more seriously and recognise the differences and similarities between their respective regions and organisational structures.

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