Turkish Coup

Turkey’s Operation in Syria and the Future of the Syrian Civil War

Burak Cop • Sep 26 2016 • Articles

Erdoğan and his allies need to come to terms with the reality that the only way to foster Syrian national unity is to have cordial relations with Syrian Arab Republic.

The Failed Coup in Turkey: Prolonged Conflict in the State Apparatus

Gonenc Uysal • Sep 21 2016 • Articles

Contrary to the hegemonic paradigm that has portrayed the military as an elitist institution, this paper considers civil-military relations as a field of class struggle.

A Cynical Report Card on the Turkish Game of Thrones

Oğuzhan Göksel • Aug 13 2016 • Articles

Since 2013, Turkey has been struggling with intense political instability. Yet after the recent coup was defeated, President Erdoğan has consolidated his hegemony.

The Unresolved Internal Struggle beyond the Turkish Coup

Marianna Charountak • Aug 9 2016 • Articles

Turkey’s redefinition of itself on the basis of a clear strategy and vision both internally and externally will determine the future nature of the Turkish political structure.

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