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To Avoid a Syrian Quagmire: Turkish-American Compromise and Cooperation

Negotiation and compromise between both governments and the SDF are explored as the path forward for the United States, Turkey, and anti-Assad forces.

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Why Trump’s Meeting with North Korea Matters: The Asia-Middle East Connection

Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un may be strategic for U.S. foreign politics in the face of strengthening relations between North Korea and Iran.

Changing Strategy and Practices of Diaspora Philanthropies Towards Israel

Changing Strategy and Practices of Diaspora Philanthropies Towards Israel

Jewish diaspora philanthropy is more critical, engaged, professional and committed to the idea of supporting Israel for the purpose of multiple targets.

Review – Informal Ambassadors

Review – Informal Ambassadors

Cooper makes a solid case for the mediating roles these cultural ambassadors played in elite circles, but at times her evaluation of their importance can seem stretched.

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