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Forecasting the Future: Prospects of a Negotiated Settlement with North Korea

Approaching the negotiations between the United States and North Korea through a systematic fashion, the harsh reality is that these negotiations are very likely to fail.


Turkish-U.S. Strategic Relations and the Syrian Civil War

The U.S. should not neglect Turkey’s security concerns in Syria, while Turkey must be ready to see the Kurdish people play a role in Syria’s political transition.

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Turkish-American Relations and the Kurdish Thorn of Syria

Turkey’s fight against the YPG and capture of Afrin serves as a catalyst for the expansion of Turkish power in Syria and puts poor Turkish-U.S. relations at further risk.

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Normalization Negotiations between North Korea and Japan Revisited

Japan is taking preemptive actions to normalize relations with North Korea in light of the upcoming summit talks between Kim and Trump, and negotiations with South Korea.

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Trump’s Dark Geographical Imagination

Trump’s recent comments on Africa reflect the ‘white identity crisis’ that fuelled his campaign, it also exposes problematic western geopolitical imaginaries of Africa.

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Trump’s Dream and Tocqueville’s Nightmare

The current erosion of agency amongst citizens in the U.S. is bringing us closer than ever to Tocqueville’s cautions of the path to despotism

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Fatal Distraction: Maintaining Proper Focus in Chaos

Will the US be able to effectively focus its efforts and convince the world that its policies and strategies are correct despite the distraction of the latest headlines?

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Buying our Way Out of Afghanistan?

A privatization of the Afghanistan war risks signaling that the U.S. is no longer obliged to remain nationally engaged, and can choose whether or not to meet obligations.

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The Village Knows Better, and Other Forms of Mob Rule

U.S. paid family leave policies or lack thereof, and a desire to emulate the ‘New Rome’ are discussed as unprogressive and counterproductive.

Russia, America, and Syria

Russia, America, and Syria

Moscow and Washington strongly disagree over many issues. Their differences over Syria, however, do not amount to a Cold War-style proxy war between them. Regional actors are more at odds in Syria than the U.S. and Russia.

The Lukewarm Response from the International Community to the Crises in Guinea-Bissau

The Lukewarm Response from the International Community to the Crises in Guinea-Bissau

Since the most recent coup in April, Guinea-Bissau has continued to seek new international partners. But only time will tell if growing foreign investment in Guinea-Bissau will help it escape failed statehood.

Perceptions of the Other: Iran’s National Identity and Nuclear Policy

Perceptions of the Other: Iran’s National Identity and Nuclear Policy

Iranian leaders’ different national identity conceptions provide insights into Tehran’s motivations for possibly acquiring a nuclear weapon, as well as the fallacy of Washington’s current approach.

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