Ukraine crisis

Russia-West-Ukraine: Triangle of Competition 1991–2013

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 26 2018 • Articles

Russia’s desire to limit Ukraine’s independence and to retake control of Crimea did not emerge during the Putin era. Rather they were there from the very beginning.

The Causes and Consequences of Russia’s Actions towards Ukraine

Taras Kuzio and Paul D’Anieri • Jun 16 2018 • Articles

Scholars writing about the Russia-Ukraine conflict face a choice in perspectives that is likely to lead them to being criticised no matter what they do.

Migration to Russia and the Current Economic Crisis

Mikhail Denisenko • May 5 2017 • Articles

The migration ties between Russia and the newly independent states have generally weakened. This is unlikely to bode well for either Russia or the countries in the region

Migration of Ukrainians to Russia in 2014–2015

Vladimir Mukomel • May 4 2017 • Articles

For many years, Russians were open to Ukrainians and saw them as desirable neighbours. However, recent geopolitical changes have had negative consequences.

Open Access Book – Ukraine in Conflict: An Analytical Chronicle

David R. Marples • May 1 2017 • Features

Through a series of articles written between 2013 and 2017, this book examines Ukraine during its period of conflict following the Euromaidan protests.

Russian Society and the Conflict in Ukraine: Masses, Elites and Identity

Viacheslav Morozov • May 1 2017 • Articles

The way Russians comprehend the conflict with Ukraine is fundamentally conditioned by nationalism, but this nationalism is not necessarily xenophobic and aggressive.

Moving out of ‘Their’ Places: 1991–2016 Migration of Ukrainians to Australia

Olga Oleinikova • May 1 2017 • Articles

The post-Euromaidan crisis impacted life trajectories of citizens which has translated into a shift towards survival-based migration to Australia.

Dangerous and Unwanted: Policy and Everyday Discourses of Migrants in Russia

Irina Kuznetsova • Apr 28 2017 • Articles

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia became one the largest migrant receiving countries and a place where migrants face constant changes in regulation.

Economic Migration of Ukrainians to the EU: A View from Poland

Joanna Fomina • Apr 25 2017 • Articles

Migration of Ukrainians to Poland has been motivated by financial reasons. However, the conflict has seen a great mobilisation of Ukrainian civil society in the country.

Migration and the Ukraine Crisis

Greta Uehling • Apr 18 2017 • Articles

The topic of migration, as seen through the Ukraine crisis, brings together what are conventionally seen as diverse and separate areas of scholarship.

The Social Challenge of Internal Displacement in Ukraine

Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik • Apr 13 2017 • Articles

After the two years of conflict in Ukraine, the IDPs are still perceived as semi-fellows and semi-citizens, limited in their access to social life.

Monism vs. Pluralism

Richard Sakwa • May 21 2015 • Articles

The conflict in Ukraine is a result of the turbulence in the system of European security, the internal crisis in Ukraine, and the crisis of Russian developmental model.

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