Russian Nationalism (Imperialism) and Ukrainian Nationalism

Taras Kuzio • Dec 8 2020 • Articles

Since 2014, Russia has become more nationalistic and chauvinistic, while nationalism in Ukraine has become more civic – and yet some western writing gives the opposite impression.

Racism, Crimea and Crimean Tatars

Taras Kuzio • Dec 6 2020 • Articles

Most western historians of Russia see Crimea as always having been Russian and therefore have not fully criticised Russia’s 2014 annexation.

Academic Orientalism in Russia-Ukraine Scholarship

Taras Kuzio • Dec 2 2020 • Articles

The roots of academic orientalism lie in Western histories of Russia and Crimea – political scientists who work on Russia acting as gatekeepers to Russian and Eurasian studies in the West.

Impact of War and Prospects for Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Taras Kuzio • Nov 30 2020 • Articles

With Putin in power for another 16 years, the policies he has pursued, however counter-productive they have been to Russian goals, will continue towards Ukraine.

Western Histories of ‘Russia’ and Ukraine

Taras Kuzio • Oct 26 2020 • Articles

Historiography, myths, and legends are important in the formation of national identities – creating and sustaining a national ‘We,’ while laying claim to earlier or first settlement in disputed territories.

Understanding Ukraine and Belarus: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

David R. Marples • Jul 20 2020 • Articles

RFE/RL was an unusual place, especially the canteen where people of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe would gather together with German staff and British and American researchers.

Glasnost in Ukraine in the Aftermath of Chernobyl

David R. Marples • Jul 20 2020 • Articles

This chapter describes the author’s travel, stories and experiences in Ukraine and the Soviet Union during the initial implementation of Glasnost.

Western Education about Eastern Europe

David R. Marples • Jul 19 2020 • Articles

This chapter describes the author’s travel, stories and experiences as a history professor and PhD student in Alberta, Canada.

Reflecting on the Limitations of Academic Freedom

David R. Marples • Jul 17 2020 • Articles

For the first time in my experience, public opinion from outside the university had counted for more than scholarly achievement and peer evaluation within it.

Visiting Chernobyl and Kyiv in 1989

David R. Marples • Jul 16 2020 • Articles

In nuclear power, man had harnessed a monster. While it may be true that every form of power production has its dangers, nothing is as irrevocable as the effects of a nuclear accident.

Understanding Ukraine and Belarus in 2020

David R. Marples • Jul 15 2020 • Articles

In the former Soviet states, debates about the past are often the defining element of contemporary politics and Stalinism is still full of secrets yet to be discovered.

Memory Laws: Censorship in Ukraine

David R. Marples • Jul 5 2020 • Articles

Ukraine had about 5000 Lenin statues placed during the former Soviet Union. Their removal seemed logical and natural: after all, what was Lenin to Ukraine?

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