Opinion – A Psychological Perspective on Putin’s War with Ukraine

Katie Titherington • Nov 28 2022 • Articles

In Putin’s case, his identity, personality, and desire to leave a legacy, coupled with other factors, make him more susceptible to using nuclear weapons.

Opinion – The Midterm Elections and US Support for Ukraine

Alexander Brotman • Nov 15 2022 • Articles

The greatest challenge for the Republicans is ensuring that their leadership lives up to Zelenskyy’s perception of them as the inheritors of a Reagan-esque tradition.

Opinion – Responsible Business Conduct in Times of War

Jernej Letnar Černič and Eva Gerritse • Oct 22 2022 • Articles

EU Member States should ensure that mandatory due diligence legislation is effective in those areas of the world where the risks of human rights violations are most severe.

The Erosion of the Nuclear Taboo

Shahin Malik • Oct 6 2022 • Articles

In the context of the war in Ukraine, the world may be entering a more dangerous phase where the use of nuclear weapons, however localised and limited, emerges as an option.

Religion in International Relations and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Simon Polinder • Sep 30 2022 • Articles

It is helpful to consider the influence of a quasi-religious worldview with regard to the conflict and the role of Putin.

Opinion – The West’s Mental Lockdown over Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

Maarten Wensink • Aug 17 2022 • Articles

Can the West really not hang together discussing a more complex narrative in which Russia’s concerns do not constitute just cause for atrocities, but may nevertheless have some basis?

Great Power Management of the Ukraine Conflict

Martin A. Smith • Jul 13 2022 • Articles

EU candidate status, and the institutional engagement that it entails, has the potential to alter power relations in eastern Europe and between Russia and the West.

Opinion – NATO’s Real Message to the Kremlin

Maarten Wensink • Jul 5 2022 • Articles

Unfortunately, Western leaders seem more concerned with kudos from Kyiv than with their opponent’s perspective.

Opinion – Russia’s Choices in Ukraine

David R. Marples • Jul 4 2022 • Articles

After the conquest of the Donbas it would make sense to seek an armistice, but Russia seems blinded by its own propaganda and buoyed by its gains – costly as they have been.

Returning to Realism: The Other Face of the Ukraine Crisis

Mohamed Mahad D. Darar • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

An upgrade in US thinking to view Russia as a contemporary country with present-day policy goals as opposed to just an irredentist dying regime should be considered.

Ignore the Paradox: Russia, Ukraine, and Nuclear Deterrence

Francesco Bailo and Benjamin E. Goldsmith • Jun 12 2022 • Articles

There is no empirical evidence that the assumption of emboldened and risk-acceptant conventional conflict behavior of Russia is in some way caused by, or protected by, MAD.

Opinion – U.S. Foreign Policy and Democratic Erosion in Allied States

Sunaina Danziger and Dylan Junkin • Jun 3 2022 • Articles

Relations measured on a foundation of shared democracy, rather than on defense capabilities, will prove stronger when these partnerships are tested.

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