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Unending Reform Attempts at the IMF: Organised Hypocrisy or Bricolage?

Saliha Metinsoy • Mar 19 2019 • Articles
It is puzzling why an international institution sees the need to reform and attempts it while preserving some core aspects that detract from its legitimacy.

Herbert C. Hoover and Poland, 1929–1933: Between Myth and Reality

Halina Parafianowicz • Mar 17 2019 • Articles
The US approach towards Poland and Polish matters during Hoover's presidency in the context of East Central European policy was extremely important, yet hardly archived.

American Policy towards Czechoslovakia, 1918–1945

Artem Zorin • Mar 13 2019 • Articles
Despite calls for support from Czechoslovak democratic forces, the U.S. showed no intentions of increasing its influence in the republic following both World Wars.

The Comfort Women Controversy in the American Public Square

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 10 2019 • Articles
A prevalent mindset existed, and is deeply rooted, among both the Japanese and American military that women were expected to provide sexual services to their soldiers.

Review – Becoming

Dipti Tamang • Mar 8 2019 • Features
Obama's account of her personal struggles growing up and as First Lady brings relevant questions of race and gender in US and international politics to the fore.

A Middle Path? US Public Opinion and Grand Strategy

Ionut Popescu • Mar 3 2019 • Articles
A closer examination of recent public opinion date actually shows that the American people favor a “middle path” rather than either of the two preferred grand strategies.

Korean Civil Society Organizations: Accomplishments and Expectations

Thomas J. Ward and William D. Lay • Mar 2 2019 • Articles
Koreans have drawn parallels between the treatment of the comfort women and the Holocaust, leading Koreans to seek recognition of guilt and accountability from Japan.

Review – Huidu: Inside Huawei

Lily McElwee • Feb 28 2019 • Features
Given the current climate Huawei's former President of External Affairs, William B. Plummer, provides a highly opinionated but useful insight into the Chinese tech firm.

A Looming Peace for Afghanistan’s Long Hard War?

Robert Cassidy • Feb 26 2019 • Articles
The war in Afghanistan will not be a win, but a qualified conclusion. One scenario for ending it seems to be settling for a draw and a peace with some hope of enduring.

Why Did the U.S. and Israel Leave UNESCO?

Daniel Marwecki • Feb 14 2019 • Articles
Washington’s exit from UNESCO integrates seamlessly into a longer historical trajectory of engagement with the organization. Israel has little choice but to follow suit.

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