United States

The United Nations and Middle Eastern Security

Allison Miller • Nov 25 2018 • Articles
With the presence of ISIS winding down, the war in Yemen, increasing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and other regional issues the UN is able to fill the role of a moderating third party.

Interview – Timothy Snyder

E-International Relations • Nov 21 2018 • Features
Timothy Snyder discusses Russia's interference in US elections, the relationship between internet penetration and democracy, and the impact of the decline of local media.

Brazil and the United States: Will President Bolsonaro Bandwagon?

Matias Spektor and Guilherme Fasolin • Nov 15 2018 • Articles
It is not unconceivable that Bolsonaro will soon find himself in a position of needing all the help he can get – including that which may come from the United States.

Interview – Virginie Grzelczyk

E-International Relations • Nov 15 2018 • Features
Virginie Grzelczyk discusses North Korea's status as a nuclear power, the ways in which they are "mainstreaming", and their relationship with South Korea and the US.

United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East after the Cold War

Jonathan Cristol • Nov 14 2018 • Articles
30 years of interventions and more than 17 years of war has left both America and the Middle East with countless unresolved, and perhaps unresolvable, problems.

The US Family Separation Crisis and the Gendered Violence of Deterrence

Meghana Nayak • Oct 27 2018 • Articles
At this critical moment, there is need for comprehensive research to examine and challenge the racialized and gendered violence of migration deterrence.

Interview – Tamás Peragovics

E-International Relations • Oct 18 2018 • Features
Tamás Peragovics discusses his PhD research on the normalization process between the US and China, Chinese foreign policy and the Western-centrism of IR.

With Great Power Comes Great Climate Responsibility

Sanna Kopra • Oct 12 2018 • Articles
Great powers are assessed with regard to their response and responsibility to limit the negative impact of climate change.

Naval Powers: European Landscape Re-shuffled

Eric Thompson • Oct 7 2018 • Articles
After a record amount of peace-time, several historical naval powers have drifted away from military preparedness putting European security at stake.

Interview – PJ Brendese

E-International Relations • Sep 27 2018 • Features
PJ Brendese discusses his work exploring public memory, forgetting, relationships to memory and their link to democratic possibilities, and recent debates over monuments.

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