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Fiction, Film & Empiricism: Comparative Politics as Action and Adventure

Works of art in novels, classic travelogues, and film have a strong, evocative power for students of comparative politics.

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Brexit and UK HEIs

Brexit poses issues for UK HEIs, but these need to be contextualised amidst wider changes facing the sector in mature industrialised economies such as the UK.

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The Case for an ASEAN Erasmus Programme

Further initiatives and programmes ought to be instilled to encourage ASEAN students to pursue their education within ASEAN states.

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Reasonable Testing Accommodations for English Language Learners in IR Classrooms

As the number of ELLs increase in university classrooms, it will be important for instructors to develop supporting approaches that are both fair and effective.

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Barbarism and What is to be Done: Reforming Discourse in the Classroom

The potential barbarism of discourse in future classrooms is discussed along with ways to promote civilisation amongst divergent students.

Interview – Meera Sabaratnam

Interview – Meera Sabaratnam

Professor Sabaratnam explains her pessimism about IR, analyses the decolonisation of the university, and talks the current state of global politics.

Going to University, or Not?

Going to University, or Not?

You will probably be working for the rest of your life, so make sure that the precious few years you spend in university are at a time when you can really enjoy it.

The Rise of East Asian Higher Education and Science

The Rise of East Asian Higher Education and Science

With a growing proportion of new knowledge coming from Asia, the world will soon realise that the dragon has arrived to reshape the knowledge economy.

Academic Programmes and Resources for 2013/14

Academic Programmes and Resources for 2013/14

e-IR welcomes our latest sponsors, each offering academic degrees or discounts for books. We don’t vouch for these services, but they keep e-IR running and free to access. Please give them a click.

A Wake Up Call for International Relations?

A Wake Up Call for International Relations?

Should a university continue to ‘sell’ courses in an area that will produce no tangible employment prospects? Is this ethical? If so, that is the very definition of academic in its pejorative sense.

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