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U.S. Marine Pfc. Garrett Reed, a 22-year-old mortarman with Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment and native of Plano, Texas, watches over a bridge during a security patrol here, Nov. 30. Afghan National Army soldiers and 3/3 Marines met with local elders at a shura and built rapport with local children during the patrol. The Marines of "America's Battalion" will continue to mentor the Afghan National Security Forces as they assume security responsibility in Garmsir district. Their interoperability is designed to further the expansion of stability, development and legitimate governance of Afghanistan by defeating insurgent forces and helping secure the Afghan people.

When Will America Come Home? When Trump Visits London, Seoul or Berlin

The forward deployment is a legacy of the Cold War when the US was faced with a challenging Superpower and the need to protect its allies.

The One Percent Problem

The One Percent Problem

One of the strangest criticisms of US security policy is that it burdens a too small percentage of the American people. In fact, the US has stopped paying for its wars.

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