Blogs Writing Guide

E-IR welcomes guest contributions from PhD students, academics, and practitioners to each of our blogs. If you wish to contribute, please read over the description of each blog (visible via the link above) and read over past posts to gauge its remit. E-IR regards blogs posts as informed but informal, written to be read and digested quickly, drawing on scholarly or professional expertise.

NB: We do not seek amateur commentary from laypersons or students and we will decline all such submissions.

Submission Guidelines:

• Word count must be under 1000 words. Ideally, 400-800 words.
• Posts should utilise hyperlinks and should not have any academic referencing or bibliographies.
• Provide a short bio at the top of your post. It must include academic/professional credentials.
• Do not indent the first sentences of paragraphs. Leave one clear line of space between each paragraph.
• If you feel the need to suggest sub-headings, set them in bold type.
• Place all quotations in standard quotation marks and indent longer quotes. Do not italicise quotations.
• Images (if used) must be integral to the content and be your own or Creative Commons supplied with attribution.

When ready, submit your blog post as a .docx attachment in an email to Your email should be titled  ‘Submission to [insert blog name]’ to mark out which blog you are writing for.

Upon receipt two editors will review your script before a decision is made to decline, accept or request revisions. Regardless of our decision, you should have a reply from us within a few working days.

If you would like to host your own blog on E-IR please get in touch, tell us who you are, and provide a brief pitch. If we like what we see, we will get back to you. However, due to the volume of requests we receive we cannot reply to every email of this nature.

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