Referencing and Using E-IR’s Content


E-International Relations is a website. So, you should reference our content in line with your institutional guidelines for referencing website content. Regardless of the exact referencing format you are using, you should always include:

the full author name
the full article title
the date of publication
the publisher (E-International Relations)
the full article URL.
you should also add: [date accessed]

We actively encourage lecturers / professors / tutors to use E-IR’s Articles and Publications in course kits/reading materials. We specify no restriction for the use and dissemination of our content for student learning materials, so long as ‘E-International Relations (’ is clearly listed as the publisher.

If you have further questions about using our materials as teaching tools, please contact us.



E-IR’s content is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license. You are free to use our content, in whole or in part, for noncommercial purposes only, so long as you clearly reference the author and embed a link to the content’s page on E-IR. Failure to meet any of these republication requirements is a violation of E-IR’s license and an infringement of the author’s copyright.



For non-commercial creative commons licensed print publications, this falls under the same stipulations as republishing online (above). However, if you intend to republish in a commercial publication / book (etc) – please contact us. If publication occurs in any print format, it must contain a full attribution linking to the content’s original publication page on E-IR.

If you would like to translate one of our books, please contact us.



E-IR’s website articles are registered with the following ISSN number: 2053-8626
Where relevant, our e-books are assigned ISBNs and catalogued in the British Library.