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E-International Relations’ content is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license. You are free to republish our online content on other websites, in whole or in part, for non-commercial purposes only, so long as you clearly reference the author and display a direct link to the original publication. Failure to meet any of these republication requirements is a violation of E-International Relations’ license and an infringement of the author’s copyright. So long as these terms are in place there is no need to seek our permission.

For print publications, or if you would like to translate one of our books, please contact us to discuss the matter.



E-International Relations is a website. So, you should reference our content in line with your institutional guidelines for referencing website content. Regardless of the exact referencing format you are using, you should always include:

the full author name
the full article title
the date of publication
the publisher (E-International Relations)
the full article URL.
you should also add: [date accessed]

We actively encourage lecturers / professors / tutors to use E-International Relations’ Articles and Publications in course syllabi/reading materials. We specify no restriction for the use and dissemination of our content for student learning materials, so long as ‘E-International Relations (’ is clearly listed as the publisher.

If you have further questions about using our materials as teaching tools, please contact us.



E-IR’s website articles are registered with the following ISSN number: 2053-8626
Our e-books are assigned ISBNs and catalogued in the British Library.

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