Just Graduated? Why Not Try a Masters in IR?

For a lot of students, it’s that time of the year … graduation! It can be daunting figuring out whether to continue in education or to enter the job market. However, if you do fancy a shot at a graduate/Masters program there are several resources we can point you to.

Firstly, for those U.S. bound the following link of top IR grad schools might be useful … and also this one from Foreign Policy.

Secondly, for a more global overview, here are the top 100 IR schools in the world today as calculated by QS World University Rankings. The Guardian also has a similar list here (2011).

Thirdly, e-IR’s 2012 academic advertisers are all seeking Masters students – so why not give them look-in?

Georgetown University
Queen’s University Belfast
Cardiff University
National University of Singapore
Oxford Brookes University

Fourthly, if you don’t do so already – take a look at e-IR’s list of the best politics academics on Twitter. We will be updating this soon with another massive bunch of top tweeters.

Wherever you end up in the coming year, best of luck and we hope you stay tuned to the site!

If you have any other good links to share – please do add them via the comments facility.


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