Climate Debt: A Model for Indigenous Latin American Self-determination?

Danielle Santos • May 7 2021 • Essays

Latin America provides relevant context for the implications of a climate debt scheme given its high levels of foreign debt and significant export of natural resources.

Interview – Erik Jones

E-International Relations • May 6 2021 • Features

Erik Jones talks about the EU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, multinational governance, economic disparities, and the future of European integration.

The Status of African Women in Foreign Policy

Primrose Z.J Bimha • May 6 2021 • Articles

The dominance of patriarchal sociocultural values continues to undermine prospects for women to aspire towards or thrive within foreign policy oriented spaces.

The Potential Impact of Cyber Capabilities on Future Strategy

Nitin Menon • May 5 2021 • Essays

The elaboration of future strategies requires the analysis of long-held beliefs of what is violence, and what is war in this new cyber era.

Human vs. Feminist Security Approaches to Human Trafficking in the Mediterranean

Erin Grace Hogan • May 5 2021 • Essays

While a human security approach to combat human trafficking has gained support, a feminist security approach is required to fully protect victims of human trafficking.

Opinion – How Much Will Biden’s Trade Policy Differ from Trump’s?

Sean D. Ehrlich • May 5 2021 • Articles

There is a wide range of possible trade policies Biden might adopt, and it is not yet apparent which of those possibilities he will choose.

Fostering Ontological Agility: A Pedagogical Imperative

Tamara A. Trownsell • May 5 2021 • Articles

It is our pedagogical duty to teach future graduates of IR programs how to be ontologically plural and endow them with the crucial life skill of ontological resilience and versatility.

Pluralist Diplomatic Relations: COVID-19 & the English School’s International Society

Charles Baister • May 5 2021 • Essays

The COVID-19 pandemic has subjected solidarist order to pluralist transformation by stripping international summits of their performative role in diplomacy.

Rethinking the Body in Global Politics: Why and How?

Kandida Purnell • May 4 2021 • Articles

What is known as international relations does not come from and take place somewhere else, it happens in, to, and through every body at all times.

From Bandung to R2P: Non-Western Contributions to Modern Sovereignty

Emil Sondaj Hansen • May 4 2021 • Essays

Contributions of non-Western states challenge narratives about the natural expansion of international society or the construction of a solely Western global order.

Student Led Advocacy and the ‘Scholars in Prison’ Project

William J. Shelling II and Jenny H. Peterson • May 4 2021 • Articles

Experimental Learning, when combined with didactic learning, can challenge and (re)form both the instructor and student understanding of what counts as knowledge and expertise.

The Use of Metaphors, Simulations, and Games to Teach International Relations

Ismail Erkam Sula • May 3 2021 • Articles

There are an abundance of alternative pedagogical techniques which can help educators formulate innovative, participatory, and efficient ways of teaching IR as a profession.

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