Interview – Cas Mudde

E-International Relations • Oct 2 2022 • Features

Cas Mudde explores the rise of the far right and its impacts in different parts of the world, and elucidates the political importance of the Israeli settler movement.

Review – Never-Ending War on Terror

Mohammed A. Salih • Oct 2 2022 • Features

This book focusses on the American military and cultural response to 9/11, and questions whether the campaign will ever have an end in sight.

Beyond Post-Truth: I-War and the Desire to be an Ethical All-American

Hasmet M. Uluorta • Sep 30 2022 • Articles

The truth is divided and incomplete because the subject is barred from knowing the complete truth of their own subjectivity. By understanding this, we can begin to build a different democracy.

Religion in International Relations and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Simon Polinder • Sep 30 2022 • Articles

It is helpful to consider the influence of a quasi-religious worldview with regard to the conflict and the role of Putin.

Review – The Misinformation Age

Adam Berinsky • Sep 29 2022 • Features

This book is a useful account of how to identify factors driving the spread of false beliefs in society, but it remains to be seen whether the warnings come too late.

Post-Truth and Post- Democracy: The Dark Side of the Democratic Planet

Post-truth tends to be a dissimulation of lies and the relations between truth and post-truth are not ambiguous.

US Foreign Wars, Mass Marketing, and the Development of Post-Truth Politics

Ido Oren • Sep 29 2022 • Articles

Reality-shaping repetition of talking points, taglines and catchphrases can be traced back to the propaganda campaign of the Wilson administration in 1917.

Opinion – The Tenuous Links Between ‘Food’ and ‘Migration’ Crises

Dimitris Skleparis • Sep 29 2022 • Articles

It is naïve to believe that the first thing that crosses a hungry person’s mind is to leave their own country.

Τrolling IR About Trolling in International Affairs

Kyriakos Mikelis • Sep 27 2022 • Articles

Despite trolling instances of resistance to power structures, the state-centric embracement or hijacking of trolling can hardly be missed, along with the ‘disrupt the opponent/rival’ mode.

Platforms of Post-Truth: Outlines of a Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen • Sep 27 2022 • Articles

Regulation must guarantee the factual basis of debate and the broader horizon of shared experiences – without which facts and democracy lose their meaning.

Religious Foundations of Indian Territorial Imagination

Samarth Gupta • Sep 26 2022 • Essays

Despite the diversity of identities within India, the existence of the Indian nation within the boundaries of British-controlled territories of India was unquestionable.

Opinion – Speaking Truth to Power in Kashmir

Shubranshu Mishra • Sep 25 2022 • Articles

The act of public mourning carries with it the power to unsettle and offend mainstream narratives by bringing to the fore the truth about disappearances in Kashmir.

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