On the Ontological Existence of States: A Comparison Between Countries and Anthills

Niels Verster • Mar 4 2021 • Essays

There is noteworthy potential in recognizing that the state is an important, stand-alone concept within IR theory, deserving of its own, separate analysis.

Gender Inclusive Peace Process and Protection Concerns amidst the Myanmar Coup

Phyu Phyu Oo • Mar 2 2021 • Articles

The military’s capacity to lead an inclusive peace process, to ensure women’s representation, and to protect women and girls from violence, is diminishing.

Opinion – Peace through Law? Political Realism and Hans Kelsen

Robert Schuett • Mar 2 2021 • Articles

Perhaps a great political realist is one who sees that the political has always been intimately linked to the legal, and that nothing in our dealings with one another is inevitable.

Opinion – International Law versus Realpolitik in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Vahagn Avedian • Mar 2 2021 • Articles

Despite the November 9 ceasefire agreement, the fundamental questions about the region’s final status and the future of its native Armenian population remain unanswered.

Opinion – Mikhail Gorbachev: Cold War Hero or the Man Who Lost the Empire?

David R. Marples • Mar 2 2021 • Articles

The Soviet Union ended quietly under Gorbachev, a man who sought peaceful change but lacked the means to preserve the Soviet state.

Interview – Katsiaryna Shmatsina

E-International Relations • Feb 28 2021 • Features

Katsiaryna Shmatsina outlines the key factors behind current protests in Belarus, their potential for success, and developments in Belarus’ foreign policy.

Remote Warfare in an Age of Distancing and ‘Great Powers’

Alasdair McKay • Feb 27 2021 • Articles

The use of remote warfare has several significant problems and there can only be progress towards resolving them through discussions between communities.

Security Cooperation as Remote Warfare: The US in the Horn of Africa

Rubrick Biegon and and Tom Watts • Feb 26 2021 • Articles

Security cooperation programmes have provided a pathway to continued intervention, the ‘remoteness’ of which applies only to the intervening actor, not local communities.

The Middle East: An Orientalist Creation

Arwa Syed • Feb 25 2021 • Essays

The Middle East can be understood as an imperial invention–created by European colonial powers–by exploring historic and contemporary orientalist policies in the region.

Remote Warfare in the Sahel and a Role for the European Union

Delina Goxho • Feb 25 2021 • Articles

Remote warfare conducted by Western forces is shifting its focus to the Sahel and as European states try to rely less on the US security apparatus, old legal challenges.

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