Theories of Global Politics

Kevin Bloor • May 15 2022 • Articles

A beginner’s guide to realism and liberalism, incorporating insights from some of the critical theoretical paradigms within International Relations.

Interview – Darren Byler

E-International Relations • May 15 2022 • Features

Darren Byler discusses the idea of terror capitalism, and the domestic and international roles of the Chinese political-economy.

New Book – Understanding Global Politics

Kevin Bloor • May 13 2022 • Articles

An accessible starting point for any reader looking to get to grips with how the world works – including as preparation for embarking on an International Relations degree or taking the global politics A-Level.

Review – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Martin Duffy • May 12 2022 • Features

It is a happy irony that families like Ocean’s who have sacrificed so much, bequeath to their host society a narrative not only gorgeous, but priceless.

Opinion – The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on European Nationalism

David Pimenta • May 11 2022 • Articles

A revival of nationalism across Europe is a scenario that should not be excluded, especially if the economy deteriorates and insecurity increases.

Ukraine War: The Limits of Traditional Naval Power and the Rise of Collective and Civilian Seapower

Basil Germond • May 10 2022 • Articles

If Russia manages to control all of the Ukrainian coast, this will negatively impact on Ukraine’s ability to resist and further strain global food security.

Outsourcing Security at Sea: Constructivism and Private Maritime Security Companies

Pieter Zhao • May 10 2022 • Essays

Constructivism effectively explains the return and use of armed private security companies in the maritime domain.

Interview – Pallavi Raghavan

E-International Relations • May 10 2022 • Features

Pallavi Raghavan talks about moving away from colonial and hegemonic tropes and making IR more inclusive of the Global South.

Opinion – Germany’s Flawed Russia Policy Has Its Roots in a Misreading of History

Björn Alexander Düben • May 9 2022 • Articles

For decades, German policy towards Putin’s Russia was beset by dangerous delusions based on a rather selective grasp of which lessons to draw from Germany’s own history.

Plus Ça Change: Russian Invasions of Ukraine, Past and Present

Stephen Velychenko • May 9 2022 • Articles

Repeating what their predecessors had done in previous centuries, in 2022 Russia ordered a systematic killing of Ukrainian civilians in an attempt to keep Ukraine under Russian control.

Opinion – On 9 May Putin’s Russia Will Glorify War and Stalin

Taras Kuzio • May 9 2022 • Articles

Putin’s so-called de-Nazification has nothing to do with combating Nazis in Ukraine and everything to do with the xenophobic Stalinist and racist climate in Putin’s Russia.

The Glasnevin Necrology Memorial: Exhibiting Ireland’s Dark Heritage

Martin Duffy • May 8 2022 • Articles

Far from memorializing the dead, enduring controversy just shows how far Ireland remains steeped in dark heritage.

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