Cosmological Politics: Towards a Planetary Balance of Power for the Anthropocene

Jan-Ole Adolphsen • Sep 23 2020 • Essays

Classic balance of power theory can be adapted to include concepts of cosmological significance and complicate the divide between nature and culture.

Federalism, Functionalism and the EU: The Visions of Mitrany, Monnet and Spinelli

Albert Hayrapetyan • Sep 21 2020 • Articles

The piecemeal strengthening and deepening of European integration prompts that it is too early to disregard Federalism, which has not yet lost ground.

The Incremental Revolutionary: Japan after 8 Years of Shinzo Abe

Carlos Ramirez • Sep 21 2020 • Articles

Had Abe pursued more vigorously his pragmatic side right from the outset, he would not be remembered as an incrementalist but simply as revolutionary.

Women at War in the Middle East: Gendered Dynamics of ISIS and the Kurdish YPJ

Kristin Thue • Sep 21 2020 • Essays

A gendered lens on women’s participation in the Syrian conflict highlights factors crucial to understanding the full scope of violence in Middle Eastern politics.

Opinion – Emerging Elements of a New US-China Cold War

Ragul Palanisami • Sep 20 2020 • Articles

While the old Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union was sustained by ideology, the conflict between the US and China will be maintained by economic nationalism.

Opinion – Selecting the Next UN Secretary-General

Ben Donaldson • Sep 19 2020 • Articles

As we reach the point when the next selection process is due to start, there needs to be careful attention on how to apply the process fairly and transparently.

‘Press the Reset Button:’ Right-Wing Extremism in Germany’s Military

Tobias Hof • Sep 18 2020 • Articles

Countering right-wing extremism within the armed forces requires a broad strategy which takes into account the rise of right-wing extremism in all aspects of German life.

The Crime of Hunger: Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Johan Leijon • Sep 17 2020 • Articles

The situation in Yemen exemplifies the effect of human involvement and shows that mass hunger is actor-driven and not a natural phenomenon.

Integration of the Central Asian Republics: the ASEAN example

Juheon Lee, Aleksey Asiryan and Michael Butler • Sep 17 2020 • Articles

A successful, unified Central Asia could build on ASEAN’s precedent of effective regional cooperation and self-sufficiency in the developing world.

Interview – Ian Manners

E-International Relations • Sep 16 2020 • Features

Professor Ian Manners discusses the EU as a global gender actor, European integration, and he explains planetary politics in relation to the EU.

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