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Interview – Colin Beck

E-International Relations • Jun 17 2022 • Features

Colin Beck talks about his work on revolutions, and the role of political violence in social movements.

Interview – Charlotte Heath-Kelly

E-International Relations • Jun 9 2022 • Features

Charlotte Heath-Kelly discusses crime prevention, and the role of counter-radicalisation in combatting terrorism.

Interview – Mohamed Zeeshan

E-International Relations • Jun 3 2022 • Features

Mohamed Zeeshan sheds light on the changing world order, and Indian foreign policy as influenced by domestic and international factors.

Interview – Nivi Manchanda

E-International Relations • May 29 2022 • Features

Nivi Manchanda talks about the influence of the Black Panther Party on movements today, a racial militarism framework, anti-racism, and the importance of decolonising academia.

Interview – Aseema Sinha

E-International Relations • May 25 2022 • Features

Aseema Sinha discusses political development and economic transformation in India.

Interview – Peter Vale

E-International Relations • May 19 2022 • Features

Peter Vale reflects and expands on his recent chapter ‘Crossings and Candles: Reflecting on International Relations’ in the textbook Foundations of International Relations.

Research Ethics

E-International Relations • May 19 2022 • Online resources

These resources have been curated by the E-International Relations team to give a broad overview and introduction to research ethics in International Relations, and beyond

Interview – Daniela Nascimento

E-International Relations • May 18 2022 • Features

Daniela Nascimento explains the concept of new humanitarianism and the differing impacts of humanitarian aid in global conflicts.

Interview – Darren Byler

E-International Relations • May 15 2022 • Features

Darren Byler discusses the idea of terror capitalism, and the domestic and international roles of the Chinese political-economy.

Interview – Pallavi Raghavan

E-International Relations • May 10 2022 • Features

Pallavi Raghavan talks about moving away from colonial and hegemonic tropes and making IR more inclusive of the Global South.

Interview – Tuong Vu

E-International Relations • May 7 2022 • Features

Tuong Vu sheds light on the economic performance and policy choices of East Asian countries, and the extent to which they are influenced by political regimes.

Interview – Jason Brennan

E-International Relations • May 2 2022 • Features

Jason Brennan talks about the benefits and pitfalls of epistocracy, and the future of democracy.

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