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Interview – Omar McDoom

E-International Relations • Sep 15 2021 • Features

Omar McDoom outlines his research on genocide, particularly the Rwandan genocide, radicalization, and methodological approaches.

Interview – Yaser Alashqar

E-International Relations • Sep 9 2021 • Features

Yaser Alashqar discusses the role of external actors in the Israel-Palestine conflict, plus the impact of normalisation deals and the election of Naftali Bennet on the conflict.

Interview – Isa Yusibov

E-International Relations • Sep 4 2021 • Features

Isa Yusibov outlines Russia and Turkey’s foreign relations, particularly towards China and the Middle East, as well as how they view each other.

Interview – Chitralekha Zutshi

E-International Relations • Aug 28 2021 • Features

Chitralekha Zutshi talks about the making of Kashmiri identity, the Kashmir conflict, and the significance of recent constitutional changes made by the BJP.

Interview – Manan Ahmed

E-International Relations • Aug 24 2021 • Features

Manan Ahmed discusses colonial epistemes, Hindustan, memory and Partition, and decolonising the university.

Interview – Jessica Dorsey

E-International Relations • Aug 12 2021 • Features

Legal scholar Jessica Dorsey talks about debates in technology, particularly drone warfare, accountability and transparency, as well as EU and US approaches.

Interview – Gurminder K. Bhambra

E-International Relations • Aug 5 2021 • Features

Gurminder K. Bhambra discusses her interdisciplinary approach, colonialism and modern social theory, Britain as an empire, and decolonising education.

Get Published on E-International Relations

E-International Relations • Aug 3 2021 • Features

Publishing on E-International Relations will put your work in front of an audience of over 5 million engaged readers. We have an open submissions policy.

Interview – Jessica Cheung

E-International Relations • Jul 30 2021 • Features

Jessica Cheung discusses her research on feminist foreign policy, tensions between foreign and domestic policy, and the challenges early career researchers face.

Interview – Alan Philps

E-International Relations • Jul 21 2021 • Features

Alan Philps talks about his career in journalism, current challenges facing journalists, Britain’s role in the world, and the US approach to climate change.

Interview – Vincenc Kopeček

E-International Relations • Jul 16 2021 • Features

Vincenc Kopeček explores the key issues at the core of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the role of civil society, as well as his work on de facto states.

Interview – Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor

E-International Relations • Jul 9 2021 • Features

Hurricane Kimchi and Ali Zahoor talk LGBTQ+ activism and drag art in South Korea and internationally.

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