Archive for August 20th, 2016

The Impact of the Alternative Trading System to Small Producers

Adlini Sjah • Aug 20 2016 • Essays

Fairtrade Scheme, while offering slightly better conditions than Free Trade, in the end does not provide truly fair pricing and farming conditions for small producers.

What Moral Justifications Can There Be For Ever Allowing Killing In Wartime?

Michael Burtt • Aug 20 2016 • Essays

The principle of self-defence that can allow for just killing does not hold in the context of war, based on the notion that we should assume that all combatants are just.

The Fateful 52: How the American Media Sensationalized the Iran Hostage Crisis

Monica L. Coscia • Aug 20 2016 • Essays

The US media’s generalization of the Iran hostage crisis through a liberal, secular, Western democracy lens marred Iran’s image and influenced US responses to the crisis.

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